PewDiePie says he is “sickened” after New Zealand mosque shooter mentioned his name


Felix ‘PewDiePie‘ Kjellberg has said that he was sickened to hear his name mentioned by a terrorist involved in a shooting incident in Christchurch, New Zealand, that has left more than 40 people dead.

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At 2:40pm local time in central Christchurch, reports surfaced of a shooting featuring “multiple” gunmen who opened fire at two separate mosques. At the time of writing, the official death toll stands at 49. 

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern described the events as “one of New Zealand’s darkest days”. She also confirmed that the shooting was a “terrorist attack”.

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One of the shooters was livestreaming the incident on Facebook and was heard saying “Remember lads, subscribe to PewDiePie” moments before the shooting occurred.

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After the situation had unfolded, PewDiePie posted a tweet saying he was “absolutely sickened” to have heard his name uttered by the gunman.

“Just heard news of the devastating reports from Christchurch, New Zealand” he said. “I feel absolutely sickened having my name uttered by this person. My heart and thoughts go out to the victims, families and everyone affected by this tragedy.”

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PewDiePie was joined by other members of the online community in condemning the attack and expressing their condolences and support by those affected by the shooting.

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According to reports, the shooter posted an 18-page manifesto on Twitter and 8chan that detailed some of the motivations for the attack. 

Official information on the attack itself is still being sorted out by the local authorities, although it appears as though the situation has been contained and all the offenders are in custody. 

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