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PewDiePie reveals how it feels to be called a “boomer” by his viewers

Published: 12/Nov/2019 3:38 Updated: 12/Nov/2019 3:57

by Andrew Amos


YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg has weighed in on the “Ok Boomer” debate, revealing how it feels to be called a boomer by his viewers, and how much he loves the meme trend.

Being called a boomer on the internet in 2019 is not a particularly flavorful title. It’s used for the most part as an insult of someone being out of touch with something, or even just a cheeky punch at someone’s terrible opinion.

However, after being hounded by his viewers for quite some time, PewDiePie has embraced the title his viewers have bestowed on him, and the meme itself. 


YouTube: PewDiePieWe already know what Boomer PewDiePie looks like, but how does he feel about being called a boomer?

During his latest episode of “Last Week I Asked You,” PewDiePie was going through some of the best memes on his subreddit /r/pewdiepieSubmissions when he came across a Narnia “Ok Zoomer” meme.

He appreciated the submission, and went on to talk about how his viewers call him a boomer from time to time, and how he loves how the meme is now just blowing up.

“I love how ‘Ok Boomer’ is blowing up, it’s such a big meme,” he said. “It’s so dumb. It’s been an underlying meme for a long time, but it’s just blown up now.”


Ironically, the video is titled “Stop calling me a Boomer,” although it’s doubtful that will be happening any time soon, with the comment section of the video full of references to the meme.

Ok Boomer has taken the internet by storm at the tail end of 2019. It was designed to dismiss attitudes stereotypically assigned to the baby boomer generation born in the 50s and 60s.

It’s hit the mainstream in a way not seen in other memes, with celebrities from all parts of the globe taking part. The term has been thrown around in the New Zealand parliament, and even coined as being possibly “ageist.”


It’s evolved into its many forms, including its cousin “Ok Zoomer,” taking aim at the kids who talk way above the heads of anyone else.

PewDiePie / YouTubePewDiePie has been labelled a boomer by his viewers, but he loves it.

Whether zoomers down the line will be calling the King of YouTube a boomer, or whether the meme will fizzle out and die like most catchphrases remains to be seen.

However, for the time being, PewDiePie can hoist the title of the “Boomer of YouTube” right next to his 100 million subscriber award, and wear it however he likes.