PewDiePie posts heartfelt message to ‘Dillon the Hacker’ following rumored death

PewDiePie, Dillon the Hacker - YouTube

YouTube king Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has addressed the presumed death of fellow YouTuber and internet comedian Dillon “Dillon the Hacker” Henderson, who has been rumored deceased at 20 years old.

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PewDiePie posted a heartfelt Tweet following news of Dillon’s death, acknowledging their long-standing “feud” across multiple YouTube videos throughout the years.

“Dillon the hacker was such a talented young comedian,” Kjellberg wrote. “He successfully trolled my entire audience at one point. Such sad news to hear about his passing. My condolences to his family and close ones. RIP Dillon.”

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While Kjellberg’s August 29 Tweet acknowledged Dillon’s death, many fans thought his passing was a mere hoax, with the YouTuber rumored to have passed away in late July.

Dillon’s Twitter profile describes him as a “20 year old YouTuber with the goal of chaos” – a goal he rightly achieved, as evidenced by his “war” against PewDiePie and his “nine-year-old army.”

This “war” between the two YouTubers dates back as far as 2014, when Dillon uploaded his “PewDiePie Roast” video, claiming that the Swede wasn’t a “true gamer, like me.”

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Calling himself the “new meaning of rebel” and threatening to “hack everything you love,” Dillon and PewDiePie were embroiled in a hilarious series of battles that had fans glued to their screens. However, it looks like their feud has now come to an end after rumors have circulated of the young YouTuber’s death. 

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Fans and friends of Dillon have shared their condolences across social media, with Twitter user “MC Selma” claiming to have been a friend of the late YouTuber and confirming his passing.

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“Many of you may be familiar with the name ‘Dillon the hacker,’” Selma wrote. “He is someone who has provided us with such amazing satirical content. It is why it is with great sadness for me to say that a month ago he passed away.”

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Even top YouTuber “Jacksepticeye” responded to Selma’s now-viral Tweet, writing, “This is sad. Dillon made some funny videos. RIP.”

While Selma claimed that she cannot give any further information due to respecting the privacy of Dillon’s family, fans of the deceased are posting an outpouring of sympathy across social media in wake of the tragic news. Dexerto has not been able to independently verify these claims, despite the support from around the internet. 

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