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PewDiePie Mocks Logan Paul “Lies” in Casey Neistat Interview, Addresses Demi Lovato Controversy

Published: 28/Jul/2018 18:35

by Calum Patterson


PewDiePie has called out Logan Paul for ‘lies’ in his interview with Casey Neistat, and formally responded the recent controversy over his ‘insensitive’ Demi Lovato meme.

PewDiePie has been keeping track of the Logan Paul and KSI boxing match build up, reacting to the various press conferences and now Logan Paul’s controversial interview.


Logan sat down with YouTuber Casey Neistat for an interview lasting over 30 minutes, discussing everything from the suicide forest scandal, his upcoming documentary and of course the boxing match.

But, just like Casey himself, not many people were convinced by Logan’s claims that he is a changed person since the suicide forest incident, including PewDiePie.


From his own experience, PewDiePie suggests that all of Logan’s recent activity has been public relations, attempts to clean up his image, with his documentary the main part.

“Logan is talking about how this documentary is going to be his ‘redemption’ story, because people love a redemption story. People told me this, verbatim, so many times: ‘You need to do your redemption, you need to film a documentary.’

People told me this many times, that is how you make your comeback. People have told Logan the same thing, that’s why he’s doing this documentary. […] You’re not doing it because you want to, you’re doing it to save your brand. And people are smart enough to see through those things.”

PewDiePie himself has been caught up in controversy this week as well however, after he posted a meme mocking Demi Lovato’s reported heroine overdose.

At first he says he didn’t understand why people were upset, but realized that he was “kicking on someone” at their lowest point.


“I get why people are upset, this was wrong for me to do. I don’t think it was the worst thing in the world, but it wasn’t a nice thing.”

But he didn’t entirely agree with all the backlash he received, explaining that people made him out to be the “villain” and “bad role model”, all because of a meme.

“You have someone [Lovato] who is a role model to a lot of kids, you make a message about how much better you are now, but then you just fall back into the same pit. Yet somehow I’m the bad role model in this situation, I’m the villain, for just posting a meme about it.”

You can watch PewDiePie’s full video addressing Demi Lovato controversy and Logan Paul below.


Alisha12287 responds after Twitch ban over alleged kitten mill

Published: 20/Oct/2020 0:24

by Virginia Glaze


Streamer ‘Alisha12287’ has finally spoken out after being banned from Twitch — a punishment that she claims was brought about by her allegations against another channel on being a purported kitten mill.

On September 2, Alisha called out Twitch in a pointed tweet, where she claimed that a certain channel on the site was being investigated by the USDA on alleged activity of being a purported kitten mill.


Kitten mills are much as the name suggests: Breeding locations where purebred cats are kept in cramped, often filthy living conditions, who largely “go without medical attention and live in their own waste,” as defined by

Alisha made similar claims during her own Twitch stream, which was later shared to popular subreddit ‘livestreamfails,’ garnering mass attention over the seemingly terrible situation happening on Twitch.


In spite of her good intentions, it wasn’t long until she was met with a ban from the platform and her popular clip speaking out on the situation removed, which fellow streamer Destiny mentioned during a stream of his own, claiming that the ban was brought about on behalf to the mill, itself.

Now, Alisha has finally addressed the situation, stating that Twitch has not yet told her the specific reason for her ban. She did, however, reveal that the length of her suspension is for fourteen days, which Twitch allegedly stated was due to general “harassment.”

However, Alisha did mention that she was emailed by a “specific business,” who “boasted” about the fact that they were the reason for her ban and had used an attorney to “shut her up.”


“I understand Twitch’s quick decision on a business perspective to ban me for 14 days,” she said of the situation. “I also understood at the time… that there could possibly be backlash against me. This did not stop me, however, from sharing something I felt was extremely important, and I knew the risks that were involved.”

As she explained that much of the claims against the cattery are available online, a little digging into the USDA investigation turns up an official records request, which she had mentioned in her September tweet. Other resources have also been made available online, such as an allegedly forged veterinary certification.

Also alleging that she had been approached by the kitten mill on multiple occasions, Alisha claimed that she has “zero obligation to respond to them,” stating: “I am not afraid of them, and I will stand up for what I believe is right.”


“I want justice for the actions and the suffering of said business that has impacted families and lives of innocent animals,” she added.

Alisha will be unbanned on October 23, around noon EST (9 AM PST), during which she hopes to host a charity stream for an as-yet undetermined animal shelter.