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PewDiePie Mocks KSI vs Logan Paul Press Conference

Published: 21/Jul/2018 0:16 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:07

by Vincent Genova


YouTuber PewDiePie had some fun mocking the second KSI vs Logan Paul press conference in a new video.

KSI and Logan Paul, as well as their brothers Deji and Jake Paul, will be fighting at the Manchester Arena in August and have begun holding conferences to hype up the event.

PewDiePie opens his video by saying he thought the Paul brothers won the first press conference in Los Angeles, because of their meme potential.

The second conference took place in the U.K., where the Pauls are not as popular.

Deji and Jake Paul started the conference, and PewDiePie mockingly imitated Jake’s insults. Jake made fun of Deji’s training gym by saying they haven’t trained anyone of note, Deji responded by saying “Yeah, that’s it.”

Oh my God the comebacks are so dumb and so bad. Here’s what you say, you don’t say ‘yeah that’s it,’ you say “yeah, they only need to train the number one” or “yeah I don’t even need training to break your spleen right now.”

The rest of the segment covered the unoriginal insults between the fighters, as well as the crowd repeatedly throwing objects – including a paper airplane.

Despite the new location, PewDiePie  thought the undercard segment of the conference had the same result as last time.

Honestly I think Jake Paul won that one because he actually delivered insults and despite being fish out of water – it’s all Deji’s fans here – he handled himself well I thought.

After Deji and Jake Paul cleared the stage, it was KSI and Logan Paul’s turn to receive PewDiePie insults.

Next up Logan comes out and looks like he had the biggest s**t of his life. I honestly am a bit concerned about him.

KSI’s entrance was not immune either, with PewDiePie sarcastically commenting on his blonde wig.

Since Logan walked out of the conference early, there was not as much material for PewDiePie to comment on. He ended his thoughts with a comment that implies he enjoys the drama going on.

YouTube is strange place right now. But it’s entertaining at the very least. At least we have that, at least it’s not boring.

You can watch PewDiePie’s full video on the KSI vs Logan Paul press conference below.


Charli & Dixie D’Amelio slam “super weird” paparazzi for camping outside their homes

Published: 22/Jan/2021 10:20

by Connor Bennett


Social media stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio have called out the “super weird, super uncomfortable” practices of paparazzi following them and camping outside their homes. 

With the success of TikTok around the globe, a new batch of social media stars have been born, but perhaps, there have been none more successful than the D’Amelio sisters, Charli and Dixie. 

The pair have a massive fanbase across TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, and obviously, that means they attract media attention too.

However, it seems as if some paparazzi have been overstepping their boundaries, with the sisters calling them out for sitting outside their houses. 

dixie and charli damelio on Instagram
Instagram: dixiedamelio
Charli and Dixie have seen unrivalled success on TikTok.

It came during the January 21 episode of their 2 Chix podcast as the pair got into things that have really been grinding their gears, with the paparazzi camping outside their homes being a big one. 

“Something that’s been grinding my gears – paparazzi. Kevin, Josh, this is for you guys – please stop waiting outside my house,” Charli said. “Super weird, super uncomfortable, super big invasion of privacy. Home is supposed to be a safe space, not where you have people waiting for you. Super weird, thank you.”

Dixie added that whenever she leaves her apartment, she’ll see paparazzi illegally parked outside, and they’ll follow her when driving. “They used to be really chill, we’d be like ‘hey, not right now we’re just sitting outside’ but now, I feel like since everything is closed, and they’re getting zero content from anyone, they kind of know our routine now,” she added.

Topic begins at 0:30

Dixie further noted that it’s quite “scary” in Charli’s situation, as her home is all glass and so there’s plenty of ways to look inside, if they wanted to do so. 

TikTokers have called out paparazzi before overstepping boundaries, with some being called out for “stalking” the D’Amelio’s in particular, even when they’re not doing much at all.

Whether or not they change after being called out by the sisters remains to be seen, but, maybe they’ll back off a little bit.