PewDiePie mocks Belle Delphine bathwater controversy with his own version

Andrew Amos
Youtube: PewDiePie / Instagram: Belle Delphine

YouTube superstar Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg has poked fun at banned Instagram celebrity Belle Delphine’s bathwater stunt, promoting his own bottles.

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Belle Delphine made waves earlier this year by selling her bathwater earlier in 2019 as part of her Instagram career, which went nuclear over the summer and drew ire from many creators across the internet. 

While she is now banned from the platform, her legacy lives on, with popular content creators poking fun at her viral stunt. PewDiePie is the latest content creator to have a bit of fun with it, promoting his own version at an attractive price.

Twitter: Belle Delphine
Belle Delphine made headlines after bottling up her bathwater for $30 a pop.
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In a video released on September 7, the Swedish king of YouTube got his own fans riled up about his own collection of bathwater. This came after the creator received requests from fans and celebrities alike that he release his own version of the bathwater when an image of him on his honeymoon went viral. 

In his weekly Meme Review from users on the subreddit r/pewdiepiesubmissions, the photo popped up again and Pewds used it as an opportunity to promote his latest merch line.

“That’s right everyone, this is just a promo for my new bathwater. Yes, it costs $29 – that’s a great price! Limited time bathwater!”

Youtube: PewDiePie
PewDiePie decided that Minecraft bottles were the way to go to package his bathwater.
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Not only would the Swede be putting his own twist on the bathwater market, but he’s also undercutting Belle Delphine by a dollar. The video shows him holding a Minecraft water bottle, paying homage to the star’s return to Minecraft in the last couple of months.

It was also a great way to plug his store, which was recently updated with new lines of merch after the Swedish phenomenon became the first individual to reach 100 million subscribers on YouTube. 

For mobile users, the video starts at 8:01

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The King of YouTube also went into a bit of detail behind the photo of him in Bali on his honeymoon, which garnered more than a million likes on Instagram and attention from internet stars like James Charles.

“The hotel prepared so much in the villa like flowers, smells, chocolate, and champagne and I’m like – this is a frick chamber.”

PewDiePie has been on honeymoon after recently getting married.
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Sadly, for any fans interested in buying the Youtuber’s bathwater, the merch line is just a ruse. It’s not out on his Represent store, and it’s unlikely it will ever be listed. 

However, if he does decide to release any, fans will need to be quick with their 29 dollar notes to grab what would be the hottest H2O on the market.