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PewDiePie has hysterical reaction to employee sabotaging customer’s food

Published: 28/Sep/2019 21:40 Updated: 29/Sep/2019 10:19

by Brent Koepp


In his latest video on September 28, YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg had a hilarious reaction to an insane story about an employee fired for doing unsavory things to a customer’s food order.

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PewDiePie took a break from his wildly popular Minecraft series, to react to submissions on the ‘Cursed Comments’ subreddit – a community which focuses on dark responses from people on social media.

But one brutal comment in particular had the Swede in stitches, after he read the reply to a shocking story about an employee who was fired for doing horrible things to a customer’s food.


YouTube: PewDiePiePewds sometimes takes a break from his Minecraft series to do reaction videos.
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PewDiePie’s reaction was hilarious

The Swede stumbled upon an article with the headline ‘Tennessee Man accused of dipping testicles in customer’s salsa, before online delivery’. While the story was absurd enough, it was the comment about it on Twitter that had Pewds bursting with laughter.

Stand up comedian Zack Fox replied to the news story saying “you a mega hoe if you can taste a hint of a ballsack in some mexican food”, which left the YouTube star laughing before he stated that he actually had a point. “To be fair, yes. That is impressive!”

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After conceding that the comment had some truth to it, the Swede shared a hysterical reaction as he re-enacted the incident by pretending to be eating the salsa and tasting that it was off. “Did someone dip their balls in this? Karen, come try this salsa!” he exclaimed, acting like the second person also trying the Mexican food.


“Oh! What!? Someone dipped their balls. I taste it!” the YouTuber said in an Italian accent, pretending to dial the phone to the restaurant. “Hello. My salsa! My salsa taste like ballsack! Help! Help!” he laughed as he ended the skit. “I think that’s probably what happened. That’s just my theory.”

(Timestamp of 4:43 for mobile viewers.)

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While PewDiePie’s Minecraft series is still killing it, netting millions of views on his daily uploads of the popular sandbox title, the Swede still dedicated a couple days a week to reaction content like his popular ‘Last Week I Asked You’ and Meme Reviews videos.


On August 25, the Swede passed 100 million subscribers on his channel, cementing his status as the king of YouTube, as he’s the largest individual content creator on the video hosting platform.

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As of the time of this article, PewDiePie is at 101 million subscribers, and will soon pass 102, as his channel’s growth shows no signs of slowing down.