Pewdiepie Could Lose his Title as ‘King of YouTube’ Very Soon

Virginia Glaze

It’s no secret that Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg is the most subscribed channel on YouTube – but that could be changing very soon.

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With over 65 million subscribers, Pewdiepie’s channel has dominated the platform for years. Now, he is facing some legitimate competition – thanks to a channel called T-Series.

T-Series is an Indian film studio and music label, which currently sits at over 59 million subs. T-Series is the second-most subscribed channel on the platform, falling under Pewdiepie with just a 6 million subscriber deficit.

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T-Series made its start in the 1980s and has since made major strides, now one of the largest Bollywood production studios in the world and the largest on YouTube. Due to T-Series’ major log of Bollywood content, users from all over the world can find just about any Bollywood artist or film clip on the channel.

Their growth has been credited to India’s large population and YouTuber user base, with over 80 percent of the populace using YouTube on a daily basis. With India’s population being greater than mainland America’s by nearly half a million, it makes sense that T-Series would be one of the fastest-growing channels on the platform.

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According to an analysis on SocialBlade, T-Series will overtake Pewdiepie by January 2019.

Pewdiepie has taken the news in stride, humorously calling for a fight between himself and the channel as well as commanding his “army of nine year olds” to come to his aid.

However, if (or rather, when) T-Series takes the YouTube helm, Pewdiepie will still reign as the platform’s largest single creator. Justin Bieber still comes in hot at third place, while Brazilian music producer and director Kondzilla sits at fourth place. The race is on!