PewDiePie calls T-Series “pathetic” for latest tactic in YouTube sub battle

The YouTube subscriber battle of the century has taken another turn as PewDiePie called out T-Series for needing the help of celebrities to pass him.

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The race has flipped multiple times recently, with T-Series maintaining a slight lead right before PewDiePie released the video.

He recorded a day early, which led to an awkward moment depending on when you watched the video. “I’m a day ahead now, so it would be very awkward while I make this video very happy if somehow T-Series passed out of nowhere,” said PewDiePie.

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PewDiePie / YouTubePewDiePie is still (barely) holding on to his number one spot on YouTube.

T-Series did pass out of nowhere, but PewDiePie almost immediately fought back to regain the lead. For an up to the minute tracker, check out Dexerto’s PewDiePie vs T-Series hub.

PewDiePie called out T-Series for their use of celebrities in the battle, implying they are being paid.

“They are calling in the cavalry, all these Indian celebrities going, ‘hey I’m not paid to do this and I’m not paid to say this, but subscribe to T-Series,’” PewDiePie mocked.

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He also showed the social media accounts of a few celebrities, where they promoted T-Series. “Look at this, ‘you can make India win,’ I don’t care! Pathetic, I barely relied on help from anyone.”

The YouTuber apparently did not intend to call out T-Series for this video and quickly went back to discussing memes.