Perfectly-timed Twitch donation terrifies streamer in horror game

supermassive games

Twitch streamer KonviktTV was pranked by a perfectly-timed scare alert during his playthrough of popular horror game, Man of Medan.

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Supermassive Games, who have developed popular horror titles such as Until Dawn, have returned with yet another interactive survival game, Man of Medan, that has players on the edge of their seats.

Man of Medan even partnered with YouTube King PewDiePie to try their game before the release date on August 30, which lead to some hilarious moments with the Swedish star’s playthrough even mocking streamers on Twitch in the process.

supermassive gamesMan of Medan is the latest of Supermassive Games’ horror titles to be released.
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Supermassive’s latest release has since been one of the go-to games for streamers and content creators looking to challenge themselves with a horror game and one Twitch streamer, KonviktTV, learned the hard way just how intense the game could be.

The Twitch streamer decided to enable scare alerts for his fans, which would sound when someone donates a certain amount, to make his stream more entertaining during his Man of Medan playthrough.

Unfortunately for him, one of the viewers managed to time the scare alert at just the right time catching the streamer completely off-guard in one of the game’s most intense scenes.

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KonviktTV screamed alongside the terrifying scare alert before realizing what had happened and chuckled to himself while walking away from his set-up to take a breather.

The streamer later commended his viewers on the perfectly timed donation, with many of his viewers revealing they were also shocked by the scare alert, “That was actually like perfect timing.”

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PewDiePie’s playthrough of the popular horror game also did not go as smoothly as expected, which left the YouTube star shocked after he made one of the biggest in-game mistakes possible on Man of Medan.

Despite the Twitch streamer’s initial shock of the scare alert, Konvikt continued on with his playthrough of the frightening horror game after taking a short break to recover.

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