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‘No Jumper’ host Adam22 victim of yet another livestreamed attack

Published: 22/Mar/2019 0:06 Updated: 22/Mar/2019 0:20

by Virginia Glaze


‘No Jumper’ podcast host and YouTuber Adam ‘Adam22’ Grandmaison was the victim of yet another attempted attack – and the entire altercation was caught on camera, once again.

Adam posted a Tweet detailing the attempt on March 21, stating that law enforcement had completely sealed off the entire block of his store, ‘Onsomeshit.’

“Some dude just ran up in the store with a gun looking for me,” Adam wrote. “The cops have the whole block closed off with helicopters everywhere. What the fuck.”

Adam then claimed that the gunman was livestreaming during the time of the attempt – and the video was soon posted to Twitter, courtesy of Drama Alert’s Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem.

While it’s difficult to hear the streamer over the loud music blasting from his headphones, he can be seen showing the store’s sign on camera, later walking inside the lobby with a gun drawn.

The gunman then points a gun onto a store clerk and tells him to “get on the ground” and “shut the fuck up,” claiming that he doesn’t care about money and asks the clerk to “call Adam right now.”

The perpetrator then follows the clerk to the back of the store, who quickly opens and closes a door behind him for protection, after which the Instagram Live feed abruptly ends.

This marks the second time within the span of a single week that Adam has been the subject of attacks by gunmen, the first being a failed robbery attempt that went down during an episode of his ‘No Jumper’ podcast on March 18.

Adam stated that the March 21 gunman is now in police custody, and thanked his bouncer ‘Big Boy’ for being present during the altercation.


TikToker Tayler Holder unveils dazzling “dream car” Lamborghini Huracan

Published: 21/Nov/2020 19:39

by Charlotte Colombo


TikToker Tayler Holder is clearly enjoying the fruits of his labor, as he unveiled his brand new Lamborghini to fans and photographers during an outing to BOA Steakhouse.

As a former member of the Hype House, Holder has a huge and devoted fanbase. He boasts 5.6 million Instagram followers and 17 million on TikTok which includes snapshots into his life, relatable content as well as collaborations with the platform’s other stars, like Bryce Hall.

In a recent trip to BOA Steakhouse in LA, Holder caught up with reporters from The Hollywood Fix, where he excitedly told them that he “bought a new car today, so today is a good day”.

As the reporter speculated what kind of car Holder bought, he smoothly pointed out the white Lamborghini parked outside, which led to the reporter reacting with disbelief: “That’s not your car, Taylor!” before congratulating him.

Topic starts at 0:04

The vehicle is a Lamborghini Huracan, which boasts specifications like a 5.2 L V10 engine and a maximum speed of 201.3-201.9 mph. With the car’s retail price starting at over $240,000, it is clear that Holder is truly living the high life with his new purchase!

When asked about the purchase, the TikTok star said that it was a “long process”, admitting that the white Lambo was his “dream car”.

tayler lambo
YouTube: The Hollywood Fix
The sports car can reach a speed of over 200mph.

Indeed, a tweet from 2017 – which was posted before he achieved fame and fortune as an influencer – demonstrates that this statement is no exaggeration, as he posted several photos of a white Lamborghini while calling it his “dream car”.

Holder has been enjoying a lot of success in his life recently; not only is his social media presence stronger than ever, he also recently announced to fans that he was in a relationship with Charly Jordan, fellow TikToker and member of content house Clubhouse BH.

Since then, they’ve been making cute content together and have been appearing regularly on each other’s social media channels.

tayler charley
Instagram: Tayler Holder
Holder recently announced that he was in a relationship with Charley Jordan.

And now TikTok’s newest power couple gets to ride around in one of the nicest sports cars in the world.

Congratulations, Tayler!