Ninja brutally roasts Alinity for her cat throwing controversy

Ninja, Alinity / Twitch

Popular Apex Legends – and the internet still isn’t over it, as evidenced by Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins’ comments two months later.

While Alinity is a well-known face on Twitch, Ninja is one of the biggest faces on Mixer, leaving over 14.7 million followers on Twitch before moving to the platform in early August.

Between hosting a massive New Year’s event in Times Square andFortnite stream on September 24, Ninja claimed that a fan had asked him about releasing potential shirts for TwitchCon 2019 – a question that allowed Ninja the perfect opportunity to make a lighthearted jab at his former platform.

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“Yeah, I’m gonna have a shirt that’s gonna have a picture of a cat getting thrown,” Ninja answered. “And then a picture of a cat spitting out what appears to be water. It’s gonna say, ‘TwitchCon 2019.’”

Ninja’s comments reference Alinity’s cat-tossing debacle from mid-July, which was further fueled after critics discovered footage of the streamer appearing to feed her cat vodka during a previous stream.

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Alinity was later investigated by the Saskatoon SPCA, who “determined that there was no malicious intent in any of the reported incidents, and the owner expressed genuine remorse for her actions.”

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Despite the mass outrage around her viral clip, Alinity was never banned from the site due to the scandal, leading many to question Twitch’s moderation in regards to its Community Guidelines.

Ninja’s “TwitchCon” jab follows his “disgust” with the platform in early August, after Twitch used his account to advertise other channels.

With Blevins having moved on to greener pastures, Twitch continues to undergo scrutiny, with streamers being banned for unexplained reasons like showing an album cover while watching another streamer’s broadcast or unexplained “fraudulent charges.”

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