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Ninja reveals why fans “flame” him for promoting his Fortnite creator code

Published: 6/Apr/2019 20:18 Updated: 6/Apr/2019 20:20

by Virginia Glaze


It comes as no surprise that popular Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has a Fortnite creator code – but the streamer rarely promotes it, unlike other entertainers on the platform.

Ninja explained his reasons for keeping his code lowkey during a stream on April 5, claiming that he receives mass backlash when he promotes it – unlike another popular Fortnite streamer, Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney.

“I don’t promote my creator code very much because I just get flamed by everybody,” Ninja began. “…people can like, tattoo Tfue’s [creator code] on them and everyone’s like, ‘Yeah dude!’ …I do it and I get, ‘You make way too much money already, dude.’ Whatever, dude.”

Ninja’s troubles on Twitter

That’s not all; Ninja even claimed to get harassed on Twitter, stating that he’s making a gradual step away from written posts on the platform due to near-constant trolling.

“I’m at the point right now – I can’t tweet 90% of the things I want to tweet because people will just meme it,” he continued. “They make it into a meme. …it’s why I just post clips now.”

The streamer even claimed to receive backlash from his own fanbase, alleging that “hating” on him has become a trend throughout Twitch’s Fortnite community.

“At some point, somehow, it became a cool thing to dislike me,” he said of the matter, going on to recount a similar instance during his days playing H1Z1.

Despite this trend, Ninja appeared to be unfazed by the hate, turning on his facecam and saying, “Look at me now, baby!”

Ninja vs Tfue

This wouldn’t be the first time Ninja and Tfue have butted heads, considering his comparison of their creator codes; Ninja also appeared to rebuff Tfue’s comments on the amount of money offered by the Fortnite World Cup, arguing that “of course, people are going to find a way to complain about Epic.”

[Timestamp: 0:10 for mobile viewers]

That’s not all; the two are also the topic of conversation throughout the community as to who is the best Fortnite streamer on Twitch, with fans comparing their subscriber count, gaming skills, and other such details to see who will come out on top.

Although fans continue to pit the two streamers against each other, Ninja appears to be taking the hate in stride, following his appearance on a limited-edition line of Red Bull cans in late March.


Heartbroken gamers react to PS5 destroyed with industrial shredder

Published: 5/Dec/2020 20:33

by Alan Bernal


A viral clip showing a PlayStation 5 getting minced by an industrial shredder is garnering a ton of reactions among the gaming community who were horrified to watch the prized console getting absolutely destroyed.

It’s been nearly a month since the PS5 was released and it hasn’t gotten any easier to find the console available from brick-and-mortar stores to online marketplaces. The reality is millions of gamers won’t be able to touch Sony’s next-gen console until well after the holiday season is over.

That could explain why some in the community are a bit touchy seeing the hardware being put through a meat grinder, so to speak.

YouTube channel ‘Captain Crunch Experiments’ specializes in putting objects through the high-powered shredder, and it was the PS5’s turn to show us what it’s made of.

The outcome was as you’d expect. The plastic panels of the PS5 were easily devoured into bits, though the full body of the machine took a bit more convincing to get it through to the other end.

As Sony’s metallic behemoth put on one of the most heartbreaking ASMRs to date, the viewers were mixed. Some were impressed that the console put up such a fight, but nearly all PlayStation fans were reeling by the time the video closed.

“What exactly happens here?” one person wrote, before listing out the sins from the production. “Here’s what: Destroying currently out of stock PS5, throwing away rare non-renewable materials, wasting all the electricity that went into producing those PS5s => unnecessary pollution, and producing shit quality unsatisfying videos.”

“This is satisfying but pains me at the same time lol,” another wrote on the YouTube post.

“You need actual help lots of kids want the PS5 For Christmas and you buy one and just shred it like why though a child is now missing out on his PS5 for Christmas that’s because you bought it and shredded it,” someone else said of the clip.

We saw a similar outcry when The Mob’s Classify pranked Froste by slamming a brand new PS5 console to the ground and finishing the job with a sledgehammer.

Gamers will all feel that disturbing knot in the pit of their stomachs watching the video, and the sentiment around the PS5’s destruction won’t ease up until there’s vastly more stock for eager customers.