Ninja has perfect comeback to Dr Disrespect's sub count roast - Dexerto

Ninja has perfect comeback to Dr Disrespect's sub count roast

Published: 8/Jul/2019 19:28

by Eli Becht


Dr Disrespect made his return to Twitch on July 8 and quickly started stirring up some trouble by making fun of Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins’ subscriber count.

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Fresh off his return from his nearly month-long ban, Dr Disrespect went straight on the offensive and put Ninja firmly in his scopes.

In a surprise to nobody, the Doc was greeted in his return with a lot of support in the form of donations and subscriptions. The Two-Time saw this as an opportunity to go after Ninja.

youtube:drdisrespectThe Doc is back from his ban.
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What did Dr Disrespect say?

Doc had to get this off his chest and let everyone know who the top dog was, and wanted to make sure Ninja heard it right away.


“Ladies and gentlemen, I haven’t been on Twitch in a month,” the Doc said. “I’ve literally only been on Twitch for 30 minutes in the past month and I already have more subs than Ninja.”

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As it turns out, it didn’t take long for Ninja to catch wind of the Doc’s roast and he listened to the clip on stream after securing a victory in Fortnite.

Ninja’s reaction

Ninja watched the clip and took it pretty well, considering he couldn’t deny the truth of what the Two-Time said. He did raise a valid point, though.


“That’s unfair though, man,” he said. “I haven’t been streaming in the last two weeks. So even though he’s been banned for the last week and half, I also haven’t been streaming.”

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During the Doc’s absence on Twitch, we missed out on a lot of these playful riffs between Ninja and other streamers.

Now that he’s back, we expect him to pick right back up where he left off, and continue to prove to the world just why he’s the face of Twitch.

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A frequent target of Doc attacks, Michael ‘shroud’ Grezsiek has been safe so far, but we can certainly expect that to change soon.