Ninja goes undercover at Lollapalooza to ask fans about himself

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Mixer star Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins put on a disguise and went undercover at Lollapalooza to ask festival goers what they thought about him.

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Ninja’s debut on Mixer came with a stream from Lollapalooza but he spent his time not streaming being just as productive.

As part of his partnership with Red Bull, Ninja donned the disguise of a reporter named Hans where he threw on a wig and facial hair and went into the crowd to interview people.

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TWITCH/NINJANinja disguised himself and ask fans what they think about him.
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In his disguise, he asked several people what their favorite show of the music festival was so far but the interview really shined when he asked them if they gamed or knew anything about Ninja.

“Are you guys gamers?” he asked two girls in which they replied with yes. “You guy’s know Ninja’s there? Do you even know who that is?”

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NinjaNinja shocked the world with the announcement he was moving to Mixer.
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Shockingly, they said they don’t know how Ninja is but said they knew who Jack ‘CouRageJD‘ Dunlop was.

Ninja asked a man in a Fortnite shirt if he was a fan and the guy simply replied with “I love Fortnite.”

The best part of it all was when he asked a group of people if they were Ninja fans and they instantly recognized him.

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“Are you guys gamers at all?” he asked a group right before they caught on.

He then took off his wig and facial hair, revealing that he was in fact the real Ninja and took pictures with everyone.

It’s definitely not every day you can say you ran into an undercover Ninja.

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His final days of streaming at Lollapalooza conclude August 4 which is when we’ll have a much better idea of what his draw on Mixer will be.

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The first stream reached upwards of 70,000 viewers while the next two days settled in around 30,000. If those numbers continue outside of Lollapalooza we can pretty much consider the switch a success.