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Entertainment • Aug 11, 2019

Ninja “disgusted” after Twitch promotes adult content on his old channel

Ninja “disgusted” after Twitch promotes adult content on his old channel
Ninja, Twitter / Pixabay

It’s no secret that former Twitch star Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has moved on to streaming platform Mixer, having left 14.7 million followers behind in the process - but now, he’s finally venting his frustration with his former home.


Ninja posted a video to Twitter on August 11, claiming to be “disgusted” with Twitch for promoting other streamers on his old Twitch channel - with one such channel even featuring content inappropriate for minors.

“As you guys know, I’m streaming on Mixer now,” Ninja began. “The team and I made sure the transition went completely smooth, super professional, haven’t said anything bad or negative about Twitch.”


However, Ninja’s video soon turned sour, explaining that he is the only streamer suffering from such advertisement of other channels and apologizing to children for possibly seeing adult content advertised on his account.


The account in question streamed Fortnite and Minecraft-themed adult content for over two hours as Twitch’s number one channel on August 11 without being taken down - a stream that was advertised on Ninja’s now defunct account.

Ninja followed up his video post with another Tweet shortly thereafter, clarifying that the channel wouldn’t have been an issue if Twitch hadn’t used Ninja’s account to advertise other content.


“This wouldn't even have been an issue if they didn’t use my channel to promote others in the first place,” Ninja wrote.

Ninja isn’t the only streamer upset by this development, either: popular Fortnite streamer Valkyrae expressed similar disappointment with the platform, writing, “Twitch??? Seriously?” beneath Ninja’s post.


While fans and critics alike have spoken out about Twitch’s treatment of one of their former top streamers for some time, it appears that Ninja himself has had enough of the scandal following his massive move to Mixer, and isn’t letting himself stay quiet any longer.

That's not all: according to alleged conversations with Drama Alert's KEEMSTAR, Ninja's lawyers are looking into the scandal, with KEEMSTAR himself predicting a forthcoming lawsuit against Twitch.

(Timestamp: 8:33 for mobile viewers)

Twitch has since reverted Ninja's channel to represent its normal "offline" look, as confirmed by Ninja in a Tweet several hours later.

"Twitch has now reverted my channel back to how an offline page should look," he updated. "Thank you."


Twitch has yet to make an official statement on the subject as of publishing this article.

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