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NICKMERCS Wins Keemstar’s Friday Fortnite PC Tournament on a PS4 – Final Placements and Results

Published: 12/May/2018 8:53 Updated: 28/Mar/2019 23:52

by Mike Kent


One of the highest profile Fortnite competitions to date has been won by a PlayStation 4 player going up against the PC competitors.

Popular personality and host of Drama Alert, Daniel ‘Keemstar’ Keem, hosted the tournament alongside UMG, with a $5,000 first place prize on offer for the winning duo.

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The names featured in the internet celebrity tournament included a wide variety of content creators and professional Fortnite players. 

Keemstar pulled out all the stops to get the biggest names involved, including members of Clout Gang, FaZe Clan, The Sidemen, OpTic Gaming, 100 Thieves plus a host of other names including Mr Beast, NetNobody, Logan Paul, GreekGod and a whole host more.


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Playing through a double elimination bracket, the tournament followed typical UMG Fortnite rules, which were created due to the lack of custom lobbies.

Two players from each team joined the opposing two players as a squad, and fought their way independently through the cycle of the map, with the winning squad the team with the most kills at the end. The rules require players to avoid each other and not to intentionally try and kill the opponent.

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In a surprising turn of events, popular PS4 streamer NICKMERCS placed first alongside Luminosity Fortnite player, SypherPK. 


They did drop to the loser bracket after losing in WBR4 to Jelly and Svenosss, but battled through to the grand final, defeating NoahJ456 and Avxry over two sets to secure the title!

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KEEMSTAR’s UMG Fortnite Friday Tournament Results and Final Placements

# Player One Player Two Prize
1 NICKMERCS SypherPK $5,000
2 NOAHJ456 Avxry  
3 Jelly Svennoss  
4 Vikkstar123 TwitchTinny  
5/6 Typical Gamer SoaR Thief  
5/6 Mr Beast Spacelyon  
7/8 FaZe Banks Tfue  
7/8 Pamaj Salty  
9/12 Nadeshot Myth  
9/12 Courage Teep  
9/12 Nick Eh 30 ONE_Shot_Guru  
9/12 GreekGod Dakotaz  
13/16 Mitch Jones ICE_POSEIDON  
13/16 FaZe Blaze FaZe Replays  
13/16 KYRSP33DY SideArmsBruh  
13/16 FouseyTube Abreezy  
17/24 Dolan Dark Grandayy  
17/24 Nick28T NepentheZ  
17/24 OpTic Scump H3CZ  
17/24 Ghost Ninja Chica  
17/24 WolfeRaps ItsYeBoi  
17/24 ThatDenverGuy Aiden_Pro  
17/24 ComedyShortsGamer Nebbuu  
17/24 Memulous WiLLNE  
25/32 Logan Paul Dwaft Mamba  
25/32 RiceGum FaZe Jaomock  
25/32 McJuggerNuggets Reztanroc  
25/32 Kwebbbelkop Joshy  
25/32 JahovaHD Starsnipe  
25/32 Muselk Prestige Clips  
25/32 Wroetoshaw TheBurtChip  
25/32 NetNobody thatonetomah