NICKMERCS hits out at fans complaining about his Twitch stream ads

Joe Craven
NICKMERCS next to Twitch logo on backgroundTwitch / NICKMERCS

Streaming giant and Apex Legends competitive player Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has hit out at viewers complaining about advertisements on his streams, claiming double standards are applied to bigger creators. 

In terms of Twitch streamers, there are few bigger names than NICKMERCS. The former Gears of War pro is known for his forays into competitive Call of Duty, Fortnite and, most recently, the Apex Legends Global Series.

He has upwards of 6.4 million followers on the streaming platform, putting him as the 15th most followed creator in the world.

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However, some fans have taken issue with Kolcheff still running adverts on his Twitch streams, claiming that his lucrative earnings and sponsorships mean its totally unnecessary for someone of his size.

NICKMERCS looking disappointedNICKMERCS
NICKMERCS’ Twitch streams are some of the most popular on the platform.

Naturally, Nick had some choice words for his critics after a viewer claimed the ads on his stream are “crazy”.

“Chat you know what’s facts man?” he started, “Let me tell you something that’s facts man. This real sh*t. They love to see you on the come up man, you know what I mean? But after you get there, oh man they love to see you come down.”

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He went on to explain that viewers have no issue with long advertisements on smaller streamer’s broadcasts but, because of his size, any advertisements are criticized as unnecessary.

He finished: “We gonna raid or host a smaller streamer… ‘Gimme ads! F**k me with ads! Gimme three hundred seconds of ads please!’ I run an ad and I’m the f**king anti-christ. Figure it out. Make it make some sense.”

Many fans of Nick’s echoed his sentiment, pointing to the hypocrisy in the comments of some viewers.

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Kolcheff has also proven himself amongst the most benevolent streamers on Twitch in the past, paying for Thanksgiving meals for thousands of homeless people. It’s fair to say, with gestures like that, he’s putting the ad revenue to good use.

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