NICKMERCS explains why he’s leaving LA and possibly 100 Thieves too

NickMercs/100 Thieves

Popular Fortnite streamer Nick ‘Fortnite star, who recently competed at the ESL Katowice Royale, has represented Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag’s brand since 2016 – building his popularity along the way in the hugely popular battle royale game.

However, he is planning on leaving Los Angeles and heading back home to Michigan to be closer to his friends and family – but could he be departing 100 Thieves too?

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NaibuzzNICKMERCS has played under Nadeshot’s umbrella for quite sometime.

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Speaking on his March 8 stream, the 100 Thieves star said: “A lot of things have happened since I came to LA. But like I said, since I’ve came to LA I’ve learned a lot of things as well, you know. One of the big things that I learned is I don’t like living out here. I don’t like it. People like it, it might be for them – it ain’t for me.

“I want a porch, I want a yard, I want snow. I want it. I want fall, I want spring, I want my family. I don’t want this stuff. The 100 Thieves thing is like, you know. It’s supposed to be a lot different than the way it is today – a lot different. It’s a lot of things. But, it’s all good things for me.”

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He added further: “I’m moving on man. I’m going back home, back to my roots and I want to be back with my family and friends. There’s a lot of stuff to do back there and when I raise my family-family I want that to be home.”

While the streamer did not explicitly state he was departing the organization, stating that things are meant to be different than they currently, could be a sign of frustration. 

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However, it remains to be seen if the streamer will branch off from the popular squad.

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