NBA player Gordon Hayward booted off Dr Disrespect’s Apex Legends stream by wife - Dexerto

NBA player Gordon Hayward booted off Dr Disrespect’s Apex Legends stream by wife

Published: 22/Feb/2019 0:40 Updated: 22/Feb/2019 1:07

by Virginia Glaze


Even basketball pros aren’t exempt from marital duress, as seen when professional basketball player Gordon Hayward was booted from a game of Apex Legends with popular streamer Dr Disrespect by his wife.

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A clip from the Doc’s stream went viral, after the Two-time teamed up with Hayward for a few games of the popular battle royale, Apex Legends, on February 18.

While the two had a memorable time arguing about Hayward’s height, the Boston Celtics player was quickly booted off the stream by his wife, who claimed that watching her husband play video games made her life “pathetic.”


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Hayward’s interaction with his wife over the mic quickly made its way to mainstream media, and even ended up on ESPN’s ‘High Noon’ talk show, where the hosts discussed the merit of Mrs. Hayward’s reaction to the stream.

While host Mina Kims took offense to Mrs. Hayward’s “pathetic” comment, Hayward later uploaded a video to Instagram explaining the situation, where she clarified that her statement was just a joke.

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“It was a joke when I said, ‘How pathetic is my life,’ watching him play video games,” she stated. “Don’t be so offended by things. Your life is going to be so miserable if you’re offended by everything people say.”


The Doc himself appeared to be rather nonplussed by the interaction, merely smirking as he played a clip of ‘High Noon’s’ recap of the broadcast for his stream later that week.