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Nadeshot explains why he moved to the 100 Thieves content house

Published: 28/Jan/2019 12:21 Updated: 28/Jan/2019 12:49

by Matt Porter


100 Thieves CEO Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has revealed why he decided to leave his apartment and move into the team’s content house.

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Nadeshot, who became a star as part of OpTic Gaming’s Call of Duty team, now heads up his own esports organization in 100 Thieves, who are also involved in apparel and content creation.

Throughout much of 2018, Nadeshot hinted that the organization would be investing in a house for their content team, from which creators and streamers under the 100 Thieves brand could create.

Nadeshot is living in the content house alongside Twitch streamer Valkyrae.
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The 100 Thieves content house was officially unveiled in January 2019, and Haag revealed that he would be living in it alongside Twitch streamer Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofsetter. While many were surprised that Nadeshot was leaving his apartment to move into the content house, he revealed the reasons behind the move in a recent interview with Travis Gafford.


“Before I moved out to Los Angeles, I was living in a house with OpTic Gaming and I lived there for around three years,” Haag told Gafford. “It was one of the best opportunities for me as an individual to collaborate with other people but also to learn a lot about myself.

“I very much consider myself to still be a content creator – when I do upload to YouTube my videos still do pretty well. Last year was very much a foundational year for 100 Thieves, but now we have a lot of teams, so a lot of the time I was spending on things last year won’t be there, I won’t be as jam-packed throughout my day so I can get back to streaming and making more videos.”


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While Nadeshot and Valkyrae are currently the only two inhabitants of the 100 Thieves content house, the organization has already begun to search for some more creators who could move in to the Los Angeles home.

100 Thieves have asked fans to suggest streamers or YouTubers who they think would be a good fit for the organization, with the hope that Haag and Hofsetter will soon have two new roommates.