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Muselk ruins MrFreshAsian’s Fortnite games with hilarious keyboard prank

Published: 28/Jan/2020 14:25

by Connor Bennett


Popular YouTuber Elliott ‘Muselk’ Watkins pulled off a pretty dastardly prank on fellow Aussie content creator MrFreshAsian as he replaced his gaming keyboard with a wireless one – giving him the power to control his Fortnite matches.

The Click Crew is a collection of some of Australia’s most popular personalities across both YouTube and Twitch – with some of them having lived together, while all now working out of the Click Office.

With a group of content creators under one roof, it gives them the perfect chance to pull pranks on each other. So, Muselk, one of the most popular members of the group, decided to follow through on one idea to ruin a stream with a simple wireless keyboard. 


An image of Muselk promoting his stream.
Twitter: MrMuselk
Muselk is one of the most popular figures in the Click Crew.

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To kick off his devilish plan, the Aussie had to go and purchase a wireless keyboard and rig it up to MrFreshAsian’s gaming PC in order to mess with him.

Once it was all sorted, he awaited the arrival of the Fortnite player before trying to get his prank going. It didn’t take long, though, as Muselk immediately began messing with his building commands – prompting the streamer to question whether or not his keyboard was broken.

However, things got taken up another level when Lannan ‘LazarBeam’ Eacott got involved and decided to hit ALT F4, turning MrFreshAsian’s game off. While that wasn’t exactly subtle, it gave the streamer’s viewers enough of a chance to figure out what was going on – blowing Muselk’s prank.


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Yet, he turned the negative into a positive by putting a $500 challenge to MrFreshAsian, asking him to reconnect the keyboard and win a match while it was connected. Obviously, he obliged.

Despite multiple distractions, including having Muselk bash the keyboard over his head, the streamer prevailed and claimed a victory royale – leaving him $500 better off and, most of all, having left the keyboard prank in tatters.