Mr Beast pays man thousands of dollars following minor car accident

Popular YouTuber Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has once again handed over an eye-watering amount of money to a random stranger after causing some minor damage to their car.

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Who is MrBeast?

MrBeast is widely regarded in the YouTube and Twitch communities as the creator who gives large amounts of money to small streamers – but that doesn’t mean that he won’t spread it out to normal everyday people.

In a video released on April 18, Donaldson documented how, after one of his friends unfortunately collided with a parked car, the YouTuber decided to stick around and pay for the damage.

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MrBeast, TwitterMrBeast can regularly be seen handing out money to a wide variety of people – including notable internet personalities.

MrBeast pays up

However, as the video shows, MrBeast didn’t just get to stick around for a couple of minutes while they waited – instead, he and his crew had to wait for over seven hours for the car owner to return. In the meantime, they used $1,000 of the $10,000 they had to hand to set up camp in a nearby parking spot.

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Once their wait was over and the owner returned, the YouTuber and his friends quickly jumped up to explain the situation. The owner was clearly stunned by what was happening to him, trying to reject their offer of $9,000 in compensation on a number of occasions – stating that they were trying to give him more than the car was actually worth.

However, he ultimately buckled and took the cash after the whole crew apologized for the scratch. They pretty much begged him to take the money and also jokingly asked if they needed to give him more money for the minor damage that they had caused.

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Handing over such a large amount of money probably isn’t going to help with MrBeast’s already complicated tax bill dilemma. Yet, considering that this is what he does, the YouTuber will probably gladly take the tax hit for his overwhelmingly kind deed.

While the generous creator didn’t set out to find a random person to hand money over to, he and his crew got to shake up the direction of their video following the very minor accident – creating some different content than planned.

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