MrBeast hits out at scammers still using his name to con fans


YouTube superstar Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has hit out at scammers for still using his name to try and pull a fast one on unsuspecting fans. 

Parodying and pretending to be someone you’re not has been an age-old pastime on the internet. However, in the age of influencers and platforms being weird about verification, things have gotten even more complicated. 

YouTube has become a new hunting ground for many scammers, as they routinely use fake adverts and videos to make it seem like you will strike it rich. Many of them promise you free cryptocurrencies or new game consoles, but they’re just fake. 

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In the case of MrBeast, with him being massive on YouTube, Twitter/X, and Instagram, there are hundreds of accounts popping up and pretending to be him across all three. He’s hit out at those fake YouTube ads before, but the scam accounts are becoming more common on the other two.

MrBeast says “screw scammers” still using his name

The fake accounts target fans by telling them they could win big prizes – typically money, just like it’s one of his videos – or by asking you to help by sending the account money. 

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It seems like a few have been trying to wrangle stuff off fans more regularly, as Jimmy posted an Instagram story to further warn fans about them. 

“Lots of people impersonate me! If you get a message from an account that’s not this one it’s not real. Screw scammers,” Jimmy said. 

Screenshot of MrBeast on Instagram story warning fans about scammers.Instagram: MrBeast
MrBeast put the message out on Instagram, so some fans may have missed it.

The fake profiles may look like MrBeast’s account – using the same profile photo, bio, and other details – but the username will always have numbers at the end and it will never be verified. 

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As convincing as it may seem to some, especially seeing as MrBeast has a legion of young fans, you do have to be extremely careful. So, sorry, no, you haven’t got a personal prize waiting from him.

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