Mr Beast $1m challenge ends abruptly after contestant makes rookie error

. 3 years ago
YouTube: MrBeast

YouTube sensation Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson saw his mega $1,000,000 challenge come to an abrupt end when one of his contestants made a rookie mistake that cost him the chance at winning the life-changing sum.

MrBeast has made his name on YouTube by making videos showing off his generosity – be it to a smaller YouTuber, streamer, or even a random member of the public.

Yet, with the holiday season on the horizon, the YouTube star decided to launch one of his most ambitious challenges yet, by giving away one million dollars. Unlike some other videos, there were no hoops to jump through or sneaky catches, but instead, contestants just had to keep their hand firmly locked to the glass cabinet that contained the insane amount of money.

MrBeast has given away millions during his YouTube videos.

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So, when his video went live on December 19, fans rushed to watch it – ensuring that the video went viral, and so too did the mistakes of the eventual losers.

After less than 12 hours, the first competitor, Jorge, dropped out when he accidentally slipped up and removed his hand. He was followed a few hours later by Akira who, in a moment of madness, picked his hand up and touched his elbow.

Yet, the most brutal mistake of all fell on Omar, who ended up finishing in second. Tearing up, the competitor revealed that he felt his knee spasm and wanted to check on it but by doing so, he cost himself the $1,000,000 prize.

Timestamp for mobile viewers of 13:42

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With this being MrBeast, though, everyone who takes part gets a reward anyway. Instead of winning the huge amount, Omar was given $30,000 as a runner-up consolation prize.

As for the winner, Mark, well he bigged up the potential for a spending spree now that he has the huge chunk of change – while also making some sensible decisions in paying off debt.

That, however, will be its own follow-up video that fans of MrBeast will be able to see on Saturday, December 21 at 4PM EST/9PM GMT/1PM PST.

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