Mizkif says MrBeast made him lose “every cent” of his money in Las Vegas

Mizkif MrBeast Las VegasTwitch: Mizkif

Popular Twitch streamer Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo told viewers he lost over $10,000 during his visit to Las Vegas, the streamer blaming fellow content creator MrBeast for encouraging him to make the giant wager.

During his January 23 stream, Mizkif revealed that he and Voyboy lost thousands of dollars at the casino, with the content creator blaming MrBeast for the incident in Vegas

“MrBeast basically tells me to put the $10,000 on the table and he’s like, you’ll probably double it,” began Mizkif, before going on to add, “I’m like, Jimmy, I’m supposed to be 75,000 dollars on black, I don’t know if this is a good idea. I think I should save it for stream and he’s like ‘no, try it.’”

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He then joked, explaining how “you can’t really say no to MrBeast right? So I did, and I lost every cent of it which then I took out 2,000 more dollars and I lost every cent of that.” However, it didn’t stop there, as Voyboy then got involved.

“Then Voyboy started taking out money and then his credit card got maxed. We then were asking other people if we could borrow money from them and we lost money there and then Voyboy got his debit card and we maxed that as well and we lost all of our money.”

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MrBeast is yet to respond to Mizkif’s claims that he encouraged him to lose all his money in Las Vegas.

Since coming back to streaming, Mizkif has been making waves and getting attention for a variety of different reasons. His recent weight loss has sparked rumors online that he is using steroids. An idea that he has shut down on multiple occasions.

As well as this, there was online discourse surrounding whether or not the streamer was actually facing legal action for refusing to bring his own trash in.

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