Man Threatens to Kill Woman While She Is Live Streaming - "Turn it off. I'm going to kill you" - Dexerto

Man Threatens to Kill Woman While She Is Live Streaming – “Turn it off. I’m going to kill you”

Published: 12/May/2018 20:20 Updated: 16/Oct/2020 15:28

by Calum Patterson


A live streamer was broadcasting via YouTube when her (perhaps former) partner instructed to turn it off or he would kill her, and later telling her to “not look depressed or sad or I’ll kill you.”

The growth of live streaming in recent years has not been limited to video games, but also what is called ‘In Real Life’ or “IRL” streaming, where people broadcast their daily activities.

YouTube streamer known as ‘Sweet Erin’, who has just over ten thousand subscribers on her channel, was live on May 11th when the incident occurred.

The initial broadcast VOD (video on demand) has now been taken down, but a clip of the stream catches the moment when the man first makes the threat.


It seems the threatening behaviour of the man was known to the stream beforehand also, as a donation claims they will phone the police on her behalf.

The man can then be heard in the background saying:

“Turn off your stream now. Turn it off. [Wait, why?] I’m going to kill you. You fucking piece of [inaudible].”

Viewers of the stream have said that following this, the camera fell from her hand and the broadcast abruptly ended.

A short time later, it is estimated about 10 minutes or so, the stream came back on again. ‘Sweet Erin’ looked physically unharmed, but the threats continued.

“You better not looked depressed or sad or I’ll kill you.”

Erin then addressed her viewers, telling them not to worry about her and clarifying the situation. She is clearly distressed however, and seems to want to ensure people that was happening was nothing serious, despite the threats.


She also says that she can be “very obnoxious”.

“You guys, don’t worry. Basically, things get out of context – no, I didn’t fake death, or murder. What you guys need to understand, – you know honestly, I’d rather be dead than [inaudible].

I don’t even know why I’m live streaming now, I shouldn’t be but. The only reason I had to stop streaming was because, you have to understand that when you do a live stream like this, it creates huge dramas that aren’t necessarily people’s true character and what they really mean.

I am in a very bizarre situation because, my family has been very rude – oh my god I can’t do this. This is just pointless. Basically, I have gotten into many crazy fights with people before, and just because you are fighting with somebody doesn’t actually mean that they are actually going to do something bad to you.

There are figures and expressions of speech that people use when they don’t actually mean it. As everybody obviously knows, I’ve had a complicated situation with my former relationship. But when you end a relationship, there are many loose ends to tie up, and I can be very obnoxious, and you know, I have a big issue with not listening.”

Some have suggested that the situation is fabricated or scripted, however it her reaction seems fairly organic and so would lead us to believe it is not staged.

“Sweet Erin” later tweeted saying that she was well and thanking people for support.

How or if the situation was resolved is unknown.