Madison Beer opens up about leaked pictures: “I didn’t realize I was the victim until years later”

madison beer

Music artist and TikTok star Madison Beer has opened up about her experience with leaked explicit images as a minor.

In an interview with the CallHerDaddy podcast, Madison talked about the time when explicit pictures she had sent to a guy she was crushing on were posted online.

The star said that she didn’t realize she was a victim at the time, and that she went into a kind of crisis mode when she first found out what had happened.

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Madison Beer discusses leaked explicit images

In the interview, Madison went into detail about her initial reaction to the images being posted, which left her in a state of shock.

“I just didn’t think that the person I was sending this stuff to would remotely ever think to do something like that because I’d known them my whole life.

“When I first found out it was going around, I think I was in bed and someone sent it to me. I couldn’t believe what was going on.

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“I was in crisis mode, just trying to trace it and do damage control. And I knew in my bones the second it was texted to me that it would end up on the internet.”

She also explained how difficult it was for her to ask for support, saying: “It was so hard to not tell my mom. I just didn’t know what to do. I remember dropping to the floor.

“I didn’t realize until years later that I was the victim in this situation. There are so many things I could say about it.”

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She also said that she believes many other people take explicit images of themselves, saying: “I won’t ever convince myself that lots of other people don’t do that.”

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