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LoL streamer has awkward encounter with viewer’s cheating boyfriend

Published: 10/Feb/2020 1:19 Updated: 10/Feb/2020 4:06

by Brent Koepp


A League of Legends streamer was left speechless when she awkwardly discovered during a match that a viewer’s boyfriend was cheating on her. 

Successful Twitch streamers have to engage with their audience while also entertaining them live. However sometimes they have to face an awkward situation in the middle of a broadcast, and they have to just keep going.

A League of Legends player became an example of this when a friendly request from her chat backfired in spectacular fashion. What was supposed to be a wholesome moment between a couple quickly resulted into the end of a relationship.


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Popular cosplayer ‘Kaia’ was in the middle of a League of Legends match during her February 9th broadcast when a viewer in the streamer’s chat told her to say “hi!” to a player on the other team because they were his girlfriend.

However things turned awkward fast when the man replied with a different girl’s name than that of the person in chat, making it appear that the other player possibly had two girlfriends he was juggling.

Kaia tweeted about the incident explaining, “Today I was streaming ranked and got host. A girl in my chat knew the opposing jungler and told me to say “Your girlfriend says hi”, I did and he replied “oh hey melissa! <3”. Then she said “My name is Katie… I’m gonna go” I told the jungler it was Katie and he said “Oh..”


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While some of her 12.8k followers found the encounter sad, others slammed the allegedly cheating partner, such as Smash Bros pro Hugo ‘HugS’ Gonzalez who exclaimed, “LOL glad he got caught.”

Twitter: @HugS86
Smash Pro HugS was clad the apparent cheater got caught out.

Another Twitter user named ‘thunderwoot’ cracked, “Never thought that side e-girls could be a thing,” which caught the attention of the Twitch streamer, who replied, “I’m sweating bro. At the end of the game, he said “it ain’t like that.”

Twitter: @thunderwoot / @kaiacos
The cosplayer joked with a follower about “side e-girls”.

Fans of the streamer that were curious to see the incident dug up the moment from her broadcast. In the clip, Kaia looks baffled and stunned by the revelations as her chat explodes after realizing what she had accidentally uncovered.


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It’s impossible to know for sure if the incident was a genuine case of a viewer finding out their partner was cheating, or an elaborate troll that got extremely lucky. Either way, the incident quickly made things awkward for Kaia.

If nothing else, it’s just another example of the new ways cheaters can get caught. Which now includes playing League of Legends, and replying to a streamer with the wrong answer.