Logan Paul under fire for filming in bathroom following Dr Disrespect fiasco

Logan Paul Vlogs, YouTube / Dr Disrespect, Twitch

Popular YouTuber Logan Paul is no stranger to controversy, following his debacle in Japan’s Aokigahara ‘Suicide Forest’ from early 2018 – and now, he’s back at it again, this time pulling a Dr Disrespect and filming inside of a public bathroom.

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Paul uploaded a video to YouTube on July 2, where he showcased his new Maverick-brand “sprinter van,” which he claimed was worth $150,000.

However, that wasn’t the only notable moment showcased in the video: Paul vlogged his flight to San Antonio, Texas, to pick up the vehicle, during which he made a pit stop to the bathroom.

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Logan Paul Vlogs, YouTubeLogan Paul is inciting backlash across the web, after filming inside of a public bathroom.

Rather than taking the piss in private, Paul decided to let his audience in on the experience, having an entire conversation with his cameraman while doing his business – and making sure that his private parts weren’t being filmed, at the same time.

Paul and his crew weren’t the only people in the bathroom, however: several other bystanders can be seen using the facilities during Paul’s vlog, leading to some predictable concern from fans and critics, alike.

[Timestamp: 0:40 for mobile viewers]

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“Careful with filming in the bathroom Logan, I need you more than Dr Disrespect,” one fan wrote.

“Bro, Logan Paul, have you not learned from Dr Disrespect?” another Tweeted. “DONT RECORD IN BATHROOMS!”


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Paul’s bathroom fiasco follows the ban of popular streamer Dr Disrespect from Twitch, after he streamed his first IRL broadcast inside of multiple public bathrooms at E3 2019.

The two-time was likewise booted from the convention center due to the debacle, later joking that the mistake was a “mishap.”

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Despite his seemingly lighthearted demeanor around the incident, Guy Beahm later broke character to deliver a serious message prior to his streaming comeback on July 8, apologizing for the “step back” and attributing the mistake to being in-character as the Doc – claiming that he wanted to go “all in” with the persona.

Guy Beahm broke character to deliver a serious message regarding his bans from Twitch and E3 2019.

While Paul has yet to speak out on the matter via his social media accounts as of the publication of this article, the backlash has already begun – and fans are awaiting a statement from the YouTuber about his latest “severe and continuous lapse in judgement.”