Logan Paul shares emotional reaction to Tana Mongeau & Jake Paul’s wedding plans

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Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul will be adding a new member to the Maverick family in just a few days, with his little brother Jake Paul set to wed YouTuber Tana Mongeau on July 28 – but Paul wasn’t completely convinced about the legitimacy of their union, at first.

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In fact, Logan even accused Mongeau of merely using Jake for his money during a previous video, later claiming that he wasn’t sure if their wedding was even real or just a massive stunt for more content.

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Despite his initial doubts, it seems like Logan has turned a new leaf, as told in a humorous Tweet by Tana Mongeau on July 24.

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Jake Paul, InstagramYouTubers Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau are set to tie the knot on July 28 – just one day after Logan Paul’s “Challenger Games” are set to throw down.

According to Mongeau, Logan is finally a believer in “Jana,” and even shed a few tears at their impending wedding.

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“Logan finally believed that Jana is real and that we’re actually getting married,” Tana wrote. “And he literally started to cry hahahahahaahhaha AW”

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Paul himself later followed up Tana’s Tweet with a quote reply, jokingly writing, “It’s the pinkeye,” as if to humorously corroborate Mongeau’s post.

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Logan’s teary response to his little brother’s wedding follows yet another emotional moment for the YouTuber just two days prior, after his iconic parrot ‘Maverick’ was eaten by his new dog, Ginger.

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Paul uploaded a solemn video in honor of his beloved pet on July 23, prompting an outpouring of support similar to the response following the death of his Pomeranian pup, Kong da Savage in early April.

Paul’s pet loss isn’t the only thing preceding Jake’s wedding: his hyped-up “Challenger Games” is set to take place the day before the ceremony, featuring social media stars, content creators, and even Hollywood celebrities in an athletic bid to raise the most money for charity.

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With names like Censor and Drake Bell in attendance, it comes as no surprise that the Games are gearing up to be one of the biggest YouTube events of the year, with his rematch against KSI coming in at a close second, set to throw down in November.

While fans are still skeptical as to the nature of Tana and Jake’s marriage, it looks like things are taking off full-speed ahead in spite of widespread doubt – and only time will tell if this YouTube couple will last.

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