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Logan Paul roasts Jake Paul’s bizarre way of asking out Julia Rose

Published: 27/Mar/2020 23:17

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber Jake Paul has moved on from his fast-paced romance with MTV starlet Tana Mongeau and is now dating actress Julia Rose — but his way of asking her out raised an eyebrow from older brother Logan.

Jake Paul revealed his plan to officially ask out Rose during a vlog in late March, which involved several exotic animals and a handmade poster.

While visiting an exotic animal shelter, Paul enlisted the help of a monkey, who he had hold up a sign asking the actress to be his girlfriend.

Jake Paul, Instagram
YouTuber Jake Paul has begun a new romance with actress and reality TV star Julia Rose.

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However, his efforts didn’t pan out as planned, with Rose appearing to be flummoxed by the sudden public display of affection and saying that she would be the chimpanzee’s girlfriend, instead.


Although she later admitted to being put on the spot, her hilarious way of brushing off Jake’s affections drew a laugh from his older brother, Logan Paul, during an episode of his imPaulsive podcast just a few days later.

Logan brought up his hilariously bungled proposal halfway through the episode, which his little brother admitted was “hilarious” and “so awkward.”

Jake Paul, YouTube
Although Julia and Jake are officially dating, his attempts at asking her out didn’t go as planned.

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“Man, I hate to say this… her not saying yes when you had the monkey give her the sign to ask her to be your girlfriend was probably one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen,” Logan joked.


That’s not the worst of his botched efforts either; Jake even revealed that he’d paid for a plane to fly by his yacht with a huge sign that had a similar message, but the aircraft was too far away from the boat for Julia to see.

Despite admitting to the awkwardness of the whole situation, he later explained why Julia was so wary about public “proposals,” claiming that she’d been put on the spot by surprise marriage proposals in the past.

Jake Paul, YouTube
Jake Paul hatched a bizarre plan to ask out Julia Rose – but she seemed put off by his sudden public display of affection.

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“She said yes to them because she got asked in front of large groups of people,” he explained. “Like, hundreds of people. So this is like, PTSD for her. But I didn’t think it was gonna trigger that.”


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Thankfully, Jake and Julia are now an official item despite his humorous slip-up, which also brings awareness to the sometimes high-pressure nature of public proposals.