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Logan Paul pranks Mike Majlak with fake home intruder

Published: 7/Mar/2020 12:47 Updated: 7/Mar/2020 12:49

by Jacob Hale


Logan Paul has hilariously pranked Impaulsive co-host Mike Majlak with a fake home intruder – and Majlak wasn’t too impressed by it.

Logan has changed up his vlogs recently, adopting a Dobrik-esque style of filming and editing, as well as shortening the length to make them all around 5 minutes.

It has resulted in somewhat of a revival of his vlogs, and brought in a much more fast-paced type of content filled with pranks, skits and funny moments, with more of an adult focus on it rather than appealing to a younger audience and YouTube’s algorithms.

Instagram: heybigmike
Logan and Mike feature heavily in each other’s content.

In his March 6 vlog, Logan decided to prank friend and housemate Mike Majlak with a fake intruder – who was really just former Impaulsive co-host Spencer Taylor, dressed in a bright green morph suit.


Nobody knew that Taylor had come back, so Logan decided to take advantage of the situation, pretending to chase him around the backyard while cameraman David warns Mike that someone is trespassing.

As anybody wanting to protect their home would, Majlak quickly comes out and approaches the “intruder,” who Logan had managed to grab hold of, before the two threw themselves into the pool, laughing at Mike as they removed the mask to reveal who was really behind it.

(Timestamp 1:18 for mobile viewers)

Everyone started laughing at the sight of their old friend, but Majlak appeared to be slightly peeved behind the smile, saying “guys, you shouldn’t do that.”


Adding that he “was literally about to start swinging,” Mike goes back inside because, as one person says off-camera, he was “mid-sex,” with Logan noticing that it’s “no wonder he was mad.”

You can see as Mike approaches the situation that he’s not entirely sure what to do, ready to throw something at the fake intruder but not exactly sprinting into action. Given the fact that he was pre-occupied at the time, maybe it makes sense that he didn’t look too pleased.