Logan Paul got roasted during hilarious stage play at Knott’s Berry Farm

Popular YouTuber Logan Paul got seriously roasted during a stage play at California theme park ‘Knott’s Berry Farm.’

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The play, interestingly dubbed, ‘The Hanging,’ featured Paul as a character in one of its star roles. The play was an addition to the park’s Halloween rendition, where it takes the name ‘Knott’s Scary Farm.’

The play, as described by a video uploading the production in its entirety, was made to poke fun at celebrities and ‘the worst-of-the-year’s pop culture.’ According to the description, the worst celebrity of the year gets hanged at the end of the play – in this case, Logan Paul.

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‘The Hanging’ was the first public production of the park’s 2018 Halloween season.

While Paul wasn’t in the play himself, his actor was to be ‘hanged’ in the play’s final scene. However, he was interrupted by a rogue vlogger, who poked fun at Paul’s relentless business tactics and past controversies.

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He encouraged his faux cameraman to get a close up of Paul’s swinging corpse, in reference to the YouTuber’s highly controversial vlog surrounding a deceased individual he’d found in Japan’s Aokigahara ‘Suicide Forest.’

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The actor was even wearing a mockup of Paul’s outfit during the referenced vlog, further adding to the production’s relevance. In addition, the actor ‘defecated’ in his trousers, and said that Logan would sell the pants to his fanbase.

While the play referenced a plethora of pop culture figures, music, and movies, it seems that Paul got the brunt of the production’s mockery.

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