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Logan Paul challenges KSI, Censor, and other top YouTubers to $100,000 race

Published: 29/Jun/2019 18:23 Updated: 29/Jun/2019 18:26

by Virginia Glaze


Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul is no stranger to calling out big-time content creators and A-List celebrities for potential boxing matches – but this time, he’s taking on a slew of the net’s biggest personalities for a massive track and field event.

On June 23, Paul put up a massive amount of $100,000 cash to anyone who could beat him in a race, calling himself “the fastest YouTuber” in a Tweet that brought out a slew of competitors.

While many top content creators and even Hollywood actors put their reputations on the line in hopes of beating Paul, no official announcement for his “race” was mentioned: that is, until June 28, when he uploaded a video that revealed a full-fledged event for the challenge.

Paul’s event, dubbed “The Challenger Games,” is set to throw down on July 27, at the Veterans’ Memorial Stadium in Long Beach, California.

The Challenger Games will include standard track and field fare, including such events as the 4×100 meter relay, Long Jump, Shot Put, 100 meter hurdles, and even a tug of war competition, with cash prizes for each event that will be donated to the winners’ charity of choice.

For those who can’t attend in person, Paul is offering a live stream of the Games for at-home viewing, with tickets going on sale Monday, July 1.

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    Although Paul and KSI are set to throw down in November of this year, it looks like their upcoming boxing match isn’t enough to satiate Paul’s thirst for competition.

    “I don’t care where in the world you live, competitor or fan, I wanna see you here July 27,” he challenged. “That includes you, KSI. I wanna race your bitch ass. And I’m gonna beat you. We made internet history with the biggest event in the world, and I wanna do it a second time.”

    Logan Paul, InstagramLogan Paul and KSI faced off in the boxing ring in August of 2018 – but they could be going head to head in a competition of a different kind, very soon.

    Competitors itching to take part in the Games can send Paul a DM via Instagram, while those looking to sit back and watch the action must wait for July 1 for the chance to cop tickets to the first-ever Challenger Games.


TikToker Jaden Hossler accused of “disrespect” by Christian Delgrosso

Published: 21/Oct/2020 17:56

by Alice Hearing


Jaden Hossler has been accused of being disrespectful by music producer and former vine star Christian Delgrosso who worked on his first single “Comatose.”

Jaden is popular on TikTok with more than 8 million followers, and a former member of TikTok’s Sway House, but he left the collective in May, alongside Josh Richards, to dedicate more time to his music.

Jaden recently appeared on the podcast Kiss and Tell with Sophie Dossi in which he spoke about how he transitioned from wanting to perform pop music to rock music and how that has made him into the success he is now.

In the interview, Jaden said, “I was like yeah let’s do pop music, but then when it got down to it I was like I hate this, so I came back and I was like let’s make a rock song and they were down for it so we did. Then we made up my first song Comatose.”

Jaden Hossler Instagram musician
Instagram: Jaden Hossler
Jaden has worked closely with artists like Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly

But, Christian claimed it was actually his idea that launched Jaden’s career in a video posted online. He said: “Now all of a sudden it was his idea to come in and do a rock song… there were like 5 people in the room during the initial conversation that can attest to me completely changing the direction of his music.

“…I didn’t think that the music we were working on had the same potential as what he could do if he did rock music.”

Christian then went on to explain that Jaden didn’t thank them, or call to check on any of them after.

“Just the respect…If you know that I went out of my way and did that for you. He knows it like hasn’t reached out to me at all, hasn’t ever said thank you to me…And he got his deal because of Comatose, the song that we made for him, the song that everyone was oohing and aahing about. Like at least just be respectful.”

While Jaden is yet to respond, Micheal Gruen, the co-founder of TalentX which represents a large number of TikTok creators, let his feelings be known.

In response to Christian, Micheal commented, “Uhm this is total bullshit. 1) I was in a meeting where you said you don’t care about any credit and only care about Jaden and were looking out for him. Where did that love go?

“2) Go on iTunes and it says you’re a writer on Comatose. Idk, that seems like credit to me. 3) there are standard song splits in place. Did you want a bouquet of flowers with that money? Would that have shown you how amazing you are?”

Despite the bad press, Jaden’s music career is showing no signs of slowing down as his latest single “Tonight” with Iann Dior is released today, October 21.