Logan Paul and Sage Northcutt’s UFC fight just took a step closer to happening

YouTuber Logan Paul responded to MMA fighter Sage Northcutt’s interest in fighting the social media star in an interview with TMZ Sports.

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The interviewer asked Paul if he would be able to “handle” Northcutt, to which Paul expressed a tentative interest in a match.

“I wouldn’t say I’d handle Sage Northcutt,” he responded in good humor. “Sage Northcutt is an animal.”

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While he acknowledged the fighter’s prowess, he also entertained the idea of a possible bout – but not without recognizing his own progress.  “I mean, it’d be fun,” he said of the possibility. “I would have to train my ass off. I’m not gonna hop in there like this.”

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While Paul has been credited by fighters like Brendan Schaub for his physique and business sense, others have criticized his desire to fight in the octagon. UFC President Dana White stated that he should go to jail if he let Paul into the org, saying that he would “get murdered” in a legitimate UFC fight.

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However, Northcutt appears to think the possibility could lead to good rep for both of them, and isn’t underestimating the YouTuber despite his recent leap into the sport.

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“I never underestimate a guy who believes in himself,” Northcutt said in another interview with TMZ Sports. “I would like to see myself fight him.”

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Northcutt is a professional MMA fighter in the UFC, and is currently 11-2 in his career at only 22 years old – a year younger than Paul.

While no official announcement has been made regarding a fight between the two, Paul’s response could point to a possible match in the future.

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