Lil Yachty Ends His Fortnite Stream in a Rage After Chat Says He Sucks – “I don’t care, I’m a millionaire”

Rapper Lil Yachty turned his Twitch stream on for the first time in months on Saturday August 4, to play the Black Ops 4 beta and Fortnite, but turned it off abruptly after his chat turned against him.

Lil Yachty has been more involved in the gaming community this year, starting his Twitch channel and attending the Pro-Am Fortnite tournament at E3.

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But as any streamer will confirm, Twitch chat can be a volatile place, and even more so for a famous rapper who already splits opinion amongst music fans.

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Viewers in his chat started to spam with messages about how Yachty ‘sucked’, both at rapping and playing video games, which prompted him to turn off the stream.

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He responded to the haters first though, saying “I don’t care, I’m a millionaire” and telling them exactly what he thought of them.

“I do suck, I don’t care. I am a millionaire. Fuck what you talking about, I don’t give a fuck. Let me suck. My house big as shit. I got six cars. Fuck y’all.”

Only about 30 seconds later, he said he had to go somewhere, and cut the stream short. He had been streaming for over an hour however, and for someone like Lil Yachty, his schedule is probably hectic.

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Yachty also tried out some of his viewers suggestions for music during the stream, including a song by IRL streamer ‘EBZ’ called ‘Gator Skin’, but he wasn’t impressed.

Lil Yachty did say he would try to be back streaming more regularly, following the release of his album earlier this year. With Black Ops 4 round the corner, Yachty fans may be in for some more gaming action soon.

He started his channel with the release of the last Call of Duty, WWII, before moving to stream Fortnite more often.

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