LGBTQ rapper PeteyPlastic slams Twitch after “homophobia” ban

Instagram: peteyplastic / Twitch

LGBTQ rapper and stylist ‘PeteyPlastic’ hit back at Twitch after being banned for “homophobia”, alleging he was actually a victim of a slur used against him during one of his streams.

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Twitch has a lot of rules that can trigger a ban, from the clothing attire worn during broadcasts, to IRL streams showing acts of violence by accident. However, sometimes the platform issues bans that have people questioning the reasons behind it.

Streamer PeteyPlastic claims that Twitch banned him after being a victim of someone using a homophobic slur towards him during a broadcast, and says the platform banned him for it.

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Banned for “homophobia”

The musician tweeted on October 5 saying that he was angry for being suspended from the platform. “I was banned on Twitch for 40 days for Twitch allowing a banned streamer into the event and wound up unintentionally on my stream.” he said. “A woman saying “She loves f*gs” to me (I am gay) & I got banned for homophobia.”

The bulk of his suspension has to do with the homophobic slur used during his stream, which he alleges was used against him. The musician included the emails Twitch had sent him to inform him of the suspension.

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The angry rapper said he was moving over to YouTube streaming, after he slammed Twitch for allegedly banning a gay person who had a homophobic slur used against them. 

“Since Twitch will ban streamers for being the victim of “homophobia”, I will now be streaming on YouTube,” he said.

When Twitter user ‘imalobsteryo’ pointed out the infamous Alinity cat ‘abuse’ incident which didn’t result in a ban, the LGBTQ rapper took a shot at the streaming platform by adding “or threw their cat lol.”

Twitter: imalobsteryo / PeteyPlasticThe rapper took a moment to take a shot at the streaming platform for its ban policy.
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While it’s unclear who the banned streamer was that was shown on his stream, a similar incident happened at TwitchCon 2019, where an IRL streamer had to dodge his banned friend to avoid getting into trouble with the same policy.

PeteyPlastic tweeted angrily at Twitch for having the rule, and claimed that the streaming platform is at fault for allowing banned streamers into the event in the first place.

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As of the time of this article, Twitch has not commented any further on the ban. 

PeteyPlastic boasts 55k followers on Twitter, and will be pursuing his career further on YouTube.

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