KSI predicts Logan Paul will get “obliterated” at UK press conference

. 3 years ago
KSI, Logan Paul Vlogs - YouTube

YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul are set to throw down in one of the net’s most highly-anticipated boxing rematches yet – and while their first press conference was described as “disappointing,” KSI has a big prediction for their next meeting.

The KSI vs Logan Paul 2 press conference took place in front of the Los Angeles Staples Center on September 14 to ample fanfare, with a crowd of fans jockeying for position in front of the stage as the two social media giants stood off for the first time in over a year.

However, KSI noted that Logan Paul stepped onto the stage to quite a few boos, as told during his reaction video to the conference on September 19.

That’s not all: KSI also noticed many fans cheering his name, causing him to make a major prediction ahead of a possible second conference on UK turf.

“I thought that was crazy,” KSI said of the chanting. “It felt like there were more KSI fans than Logan fans. I’m in your hometown, Logan, and I’m getting more love, like what the f*ck’s going on? …when he comes to the UK, he’s gonna get absolutely obliterated.”

(Timestamp: 6:25 for mobile viewers)

Although no news of a second press conference has yet been announced, it wouldn’t come as a surprise: the YouTubers likewise held two press conferences in 2018 ahead of their initial rematch, one of which caused an actual riot on UK soil.

KSI’s prediction follows a historic trend, with Logan Paul having walked off the stage during their previous UK conerence amidst shouts of “f*ck the Pauls.”

“I was supposed to sit here and answer your questions, but I feel like KSI addressed everything,” Logan said in response. “I’m out. I’ll see you August 25.”

Paul himself spoke on this moment during his own reaction to their September 14 conference, comparing his walkout to KSI’s unbothered demeanor a year later.

“I sat down, you could see in my face I was kinda sad,” Paul explained. “I didn’t really want to be there. I wasn’t having the best day ever, I was kind of tired.”

(Timestamp: 16:20 for mobile viewers)

With their rematch less than two months away, tensions are growing ever higher as the two train to settle their beef once and for all – but word is still out on what could be a second press conference for the rivals.

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