KSI pokes fun at the rivalry between Ninja and Tfue

KSI released a new video breaking down a 1v1 battle between two of the most popular players in Fortnite, Ninja and Tfue.

He began the video with a disclaimer that he isn’t good at Fortnite, which should prevent any retaliation or challenges from Ninja and Tfue.

KSI covered a particular clip where Ninja seemed to have an advantage by bombarding Tfue’s build with rockets and auto rifle fire, but was stunningly eliminated by a single Tfue snipe after a quick peak.

The YouTuber revealed how long it has been since he played Fortnite, hilariously becoming confused when Ninja used a Rift. “Ninja just jumped through a portal, or a wormhole? F*** me a lot has changed since I’ve played,” said KSI.

The rest of the video shows that Tfue probably has an edge when it comes to Fortnite skill, when the only round he lost to Ninja was through fall damage.

The clips in question are mostly from a recent stream where Ninja accused a player of hacking, but it turns out that player was Tfue. If someone accuses you of aimbotting or hacking, well, you are very good.

“Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen, who is better Tfue or Ninja? I think right now we have to say Tfue,” concludes KSI.

Ninja probably won’t mind too much, since he topped Twitch with some unbelievable viewership numbers in 2018.

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