KSI gives surprising review of Quadeca diss track


After a pair of YouTubers made diss tracks aimed at Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji, it was only a matter of time before he decided to acknowledge the tracks and give his opinions on them.

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KSI made an appearance on the ‘What’s Good?’ podcast on November 18 where he called out YouTube rappers saying that they were all “trash.”

This led to YouTubers Quadeca and Dax making a pair of diss tracks about KSI that have since gone viral on the platform.

In his newest video posted on November 27, KSI finally gives the reactions that he says many of his fans have been waiting on.

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KSI starts with Dax’s track, saying that he’s “saving the best for last,” but he actually ends up giving Dax plenty of praise saying that the track isn’t bad at all.

“Rapping wise, it’s pretty sick, bro” KSI said of the diss track. “It’s good that you’re finally stepping up if you want people to notice you.”

At that point, KSI moves on to the main focus of the video by diving into Quadeca’s much-hyped diss track.

While many certainly would have expected KSI to blast the diss track given his opinion on YouTube rappers, he surprised everyone with a fairly positive review.

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Overall, KSI wasn’t a fan of the bulk of Quadeca’s disses focused on him not writing his own raps, something that KSI vehemently denies, but he nonetheless concludes that the track is pretty good.


“That was sick. You did well there, bro,” KSI offers as his final verdict on the ‘Insecure’ diss track.

Before ending the video, KSI decides that the track has warranted a response from him and confirms that his own diss track is coming soon.