KSI explains why he couldn’t drop Logan Paul in their first boxing match

KSI, Logan Paul Vlogs - YouTube

Popular YouTubers Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji and Logan Paul took their beef to the next level in August 2018, settling the score by throwing down in the boxing ring in YouTube’s largest pay-per-view event to date: but things didn’t pan out as they’d expected, with their fight ultimately resulting in a disappointing draw.

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While both fighters predicted a victory by knockout, the judges’ decision was final, setting up the two YouTube stars for a rematch the following year.

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However, Logan Paul and his team have allegedly been dragging their heels in organizing the event, leaving KSI visibly frustrated – but he’s confident that he’s going to turn “Super Saiyan Three” in their next bout, and even explained why he couldn’t get the drop on LP back in summer 2018.

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KSI opened up about their previous fight in a video on July 13, where he admitted that he was disappointed in his own performance and lacked the strength to knock out his blonde-haired enemy.

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“Obviously, with the last fight, I was disappointed in how I fought,” KSI said of the matter. “I connected with him several times, but I just didn’t have enough power to actually drop him. Until now, of course.”

(Timestamp: 1:15 for mobile viewers)

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KSI also joked that “bulking season” is over, claiming that he’s now dedicated to preparing for their rematch after traveling for his “New Age” music tour – but he isn’t the only one gearing up for the bout, by far.

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Logan Paul shared footage of his training regime while traveling to Stockholm, Sweden the week prior, as if to taunt KSI in the middle of his tour.

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KSI mocked Paul’s video with a clown emoji via The Bread Batch’s Instagram post, later uploading his own training footage shortly thereafter in response to LP’s veiled callout.

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Although the two are now in full-on training mode, neither an official date nor a venue have been selected for their rematch, which is scheduled to go down sometime in November 2019.

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As the months go by, their rematch draws ever closer, with both fans and KSI himself awaiting an updated announcement for the fight.

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