KSI and Logan Paul Don’t Hold Back in Face-to-Face Ahead of YouTube Boxing Match, Refuse To Shake Hands in Tense Meeting

With the YouTube boxing match between KSI and Logan Paul fast approaching on August 25, both fighters have met face-to-face to discuss their beef, with Johnny Nelson acting referee.

It is the second face-to-face meeting in build up to the fight, with their siblings, Jake Paul and Deji having already published their confrontational discussion, also with World Champion boxer Johnny Nelson.

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But the main event will be KSI vs Logan, and the meeting took place after the heated press conference, which saw Logan storm off the stage as KSI levelled insults against him, his girlfriend and his family.

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Similar to Jake and Deji, not much is known about the supposed ‘beef’ between these two immensely popular YouTubers, and so Nelson attempted to guide the conversation to reveal why the two are opposed.

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KSI was mainly critical about Logan’s YouTube content, particularly his past controversies which have made him a ‘hated’ person online.

He was also boastful about his dominant win over Joe Weller in the first YouTube boxing event, but Logan Paul was quick to remind him that he’s a different beast altogether.

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“I’m just an athlete. [Joe Weller] is not an athlete, that’s not how athletes perform. No offence to Joe Weller, I’m just not Joe Weller. I’m a different beast. I’m a corn-fed Ohio boy.”

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KSI remained unfazed however, confident he will knock Logan Paul out when the big day comes along.

“Oh yeh, I’m going to knock him out. 100%. He’s getting knocked out, and it’s not going to be pretty. And you’re going to be worried. You’re going to get in the fight and realize, ‘oh, this is a fight, this is happening. Can I handle this guy? No I can’t.'”

When the pair came to end the interview, KSI extended a hand to Logan, who turned his nose up to it, citing the comments towards his girlfriend and family which he felt went too far.

You can watch the full face-to-face meeting between KSI and Logan below.

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