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Entertainment • Jun 01, 2019

Korean Twitch streamer performs hilarious impression of Dr Disrespect's "YAYAYAYAYA!"

Korean Twitch streamer performs hilarious impression of Dr Disrespect's "YAYAYAYAYA!"
Twitch: Dr Disrespect / HaChubby

Dr Disrespect is well-known for his funny outbursts and odd sayings, and Korean Twitch streamer HAchubby decided to imitate his famous “YAYAYAYAYA!” catchphrase with priceless results.


Dr Disrespect has quite the reputation online for his quirkiness, and several memes and puns have been inspired by his personality - his famous “YAYAYAYAYA!” being just one saying people love.

Korean streamer HAchubby’s first language might not be English, but that didn’t stop her from performing a fantastic, yet super hilarious impression of the Two-Time star during her May 31 Twitch stream.

Twitch: HAChubby / YouTube: Dr Disrespect
HAchubby nailed the impression.


As she starts watching the clip, she’s visibly bewildered by Doc’s lengthy “YAYAYAYAYA!”, like many would be if they’d never seen it before.

HAchubby then joins in with the phrase quietly alongside Dr Disrespect in the video, before suddenly shouting it loudly: “yayayayaYAYAYAYAYA!”

“Are you kidding me?” the Doc in the video asks, “We’re on our way to Friday night.”

“YES!” the Korean streamer replies before performing the impression again, "Easy.”


The clip is way more hilarious than it sounds, and HAchubby’s enthusiasm while doing the impression just makes the entire thing a million times funnier.

She's impersonated Dr Disrespect before

HAchubby has impersonated Doc before during a Twitch stream - the last time being his infamous "RAUL!" catchphrase.

The clip she watches starts off with him going into great detail on how to roll the Rs when performing the phrase, saying, "“Make sure that tongue rattles the R and then finish off with that nice baseline taper!"

She then launches into her hilarious impression of the famous "RAAAAUUUULLLLL!"


Not only are her Dr Disrespect impressions extremely funny, she's also really good at them and definitely captures his wacky spirit when performing them.

Hopefully the Two-Time will see them and give his reaction - we'll certainly update you if he does.

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