Korean streamer tries her cat food for viewers with surprising result - Dexerto

Korean streamer tries her cat food for viewers with surprising result

Published: 16/Feb/2020 15:56

by Daniel Cleary


Popular Korean streamer “Jinnytty” dared herself to eat cat food during her February 15 Twitch stream and shocked many viewers after admitting she was quite surprised by the results.

Some streamers have been seen to go to great lengths to entertain viewers by taking on tasks such as ridiculous challenges suggested by their viewers.

IRL Twitch streamer Jinnytty is the latest to challenge themselves during her February 15 broadcast, after deciding she was going to attempt to eat some of her cat’s food.

Jinnytty, Twitch
Jinnytty surprised viewers with the results after trying her cat’s food.

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Jinny said that she was first inspired to give her pet’s meal a try when she saw a veterinarian take on the task without much discomfort.


When she had squeezed some of the food out on a spoon and committed to trying it out, she explained that she started to have her doubts about the challenge.

“This is a stupid idea, I thought it would be a good idea because I saw some cat doctor was actually eating this and saying this is quite delicious.”

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That’s the reason I wanted to try it, but now that I smell it I don’t think this is a good idea.” she said, laughing to herself before finally tasting it.

“Hmm it’s good, It tastes like fish, just a normal fish,” before trying it again and claiming it was similar to tuna.


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Although she admitted to enjoying the fish-flavored cat food, the popular streamer had no intention of adding it to her diet and tucked into a proper meal she had prepared shortly after.

Surprisingly there have been many other Twitch streamers, such as HAchubby, who have, similarly, tried their pets’ food in the past without any problems – although not everyone enjoys it.