Korean streamer stunned by IRL Twitch donation from fan

Instagram: @kiaraakitty / Unsplash

Korean Twitch streamer ‘kiaraakitty’ was left in a state of shock when her broadcast was stream-sniped by a fan who literally gave her a donation IRL.

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Twitch personalities thrive off the relationship between themselves and their audience, particularly when viewers give them money during a live broadcast, often in the hopes of being acknowledged by the streamer.

However, one fan took donations to a whole new level when the Korean streamer was in the middle of an IRL broadcast, and he showed up to hand her his donation in person.

Instagram: @kiaraakittyThe Korean IRL streamer broadcasts her adventures around the world.
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IRL Twitch donation

Kiraakitty was streaming around a city and stopped to watch a street artist do an impersonation of Michael Jackson. While she was watching a performance of the hit song ‘Billy Jean’, a man rode up to her on a bike from out of nowhere.

“Hey, I have a donation!” the stranger on the bike stated as he rolled up to the streamer. The Korean personality was shocked by the exchange and exclaimed “What!?” in disbelief. “I love what you do. You’re awesome!” the fan said, handing her a wad of cash.

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Kiaraakitty then asked the fan what his name was. “I am Bike Andy. I am bicycle Andy,” he replied simply, before taking off down the road not saying another word.

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The Korean streamer then called out after her viewer. “Bicycle Andy, wait!” she shouted, but it was too late. In a state of shock she said “What?” repeatedly before she exclaimed sadly “I would like to talk with him.”

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The moment was surreal as the donation came and went, actually mimicking the way digital donations usually work on stream. The Korean streamer was left stunned by the surprise exchange.

This isn’t the first time an IRL Twitch stream has been crashed by a viewer. While visiting Japan, streamer Trevor ‘Hitch’ Daneliuk was walking down the road during his May 11 broadcast when a car pulled up beside him and handed him food and poured him coffee, also making for a surreal moment.

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IRL streams are exciting, as the unpredictable nature of the real world can make for some insane situations during a broadcast. But moments like these show that interactions can actually be wholesome.

As of the time of this article, kiaraakitty has over 50k followers on Twitch, and her IRL streams continue to bring in a growing audience every day.