KEEMSTAR’s Halloween costume contest ends with a creative winner

by Virginia Glaze


Drama Alert host KEEMSTAR has determined the winner of his annual Halloween costume contest - which is an unsurprising champion from a previous year.


This year’s winner is FaZe Banks, who took home the prize for his creative costume of anonymous artist Banksy. He even made a ‘self-destructing painting’ in reference to one of the artist’s controversial works, and wore a mask to conceal his face.

Banks had also won KEEMSTAR’s contest back in 2015, where he dressed up as ‘Netflix and chill.’ He was followed by two-time winner Jesse Wellens, and has now taken back his mantle of Halloween champion.


Banks’s victory is all thanks to his fans, who had the chance to vote for their favorite internet celebrities for a short time before KEEMSTAR cut off the polls.

This year, Jesse Wellens came in at second place with a Back to the Future costume, followed by Jacksfilms, FaZe Adapt, and Ricky Berwick.



However, the final two runners-up were surrounded by controversy for their outfits: seventh place winner Tana Mongeau found herself in the middle of a scandal for dressing up as a sexy version of an underage YouTuber, which she defended by claiming that she had only wanted to dress up as a ‘slutty schoolgirl.’

KEEMSTAR likewise called out sixth place winner Alissa Violet - or, rather, the snake she that was carrying in her classic Britney Spears costume. KEEMSTAR implied that the banana python was Erika Costell, referencing the YouTubers’ relationships with Jake Paul.