KEEMSTAR hints at Apex Legends tournament with massive prize pool

. 3 years ago

YouTuber Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem has revealed that he is considering hosting a tournament for new battle royale game Apex Legends – and even suggested a prize pool of $100,000.

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KEEMSTAR has previously hosted tournaments with popular streamers and YouTubers as the competitors, with fan-favorite Fortnite, Blackout and Realm Royale tournaments pulling in millions of viewers.

The Drama Alert host would strictly invite players with the biggest followings, rather than necessarily those with the most skill, knowing that this would attract the highest viewership possible.

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Unfortunately, despite its popularity, the ‘Friday Fortnite’ tournaments had to cease, as Epic Games began running their own tournaments and the scheduling clashed.

KEEMSTAR has previously hinted at bringing the tournaments back, but with the sudden surge in popularity for Respawn’s new battle royale, set in the Titanfall universe, Apex Legends could be the perfect game for the next big money competition.

With many of the top streamers playing Apex Legends on launch day, it already rose to the top of all games on February 4, and KEEMSTAR will know an organized event with a big prize pool could be a massive attraction.

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The game has already proven very popular on Twitch and YouTube, quickly shooting to the number one most viewed game on Twitch on February 4, hours after its release.

Respawn Entertainment didn’t use traditional promotion either, instead opting to release it the same day and use popular influencers on social media to push the game.

So, a tournament with biggest influencers competing would likely be welcomed by Respawn themselves, bringing more exposure to a game which hopes to make a mark in the ever more saturated battle royale genre.

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