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Jeffree Star floored by “sick” TikToks making fun of ex-boyfriend Nathan

Published: 25/Apr/2020 19:19 Updated: 25/Apr/2020 19:20

by Virginia Glaze


Makeup mogul Jeffree Star parted ways with longterm boyfriend Nathan Schwandt in January — but months later, their seemingly amicable split was plagued with drama, and fans are chiming in on the matter via TikTok.

Although his initial parting with Schwandt was explained as a mutual breakup, Star later opened up about the fallout of their split in a house tour video, claiming that “dark” issues were afoot behind the scenes.

However, the YouTuber refrained from going into detail about the matter, stating that there could be potential legal consequences for doing so — but that isn’t stopping fans from chiming in with their two cents on the subject.


Jeffree Star, YouTube
Top YouTuber Jeffree Star admitted to some “dark” legal drama surrounding his split with ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt, after revealing he’d taken back the Aston Martin he’d “given” him as a gift.

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In a video uploaded on April 25, Star reacted to “mean” TikToks about himself, some of which commented on his breakup with Schwandt with not-so-subtle accusations that his ex was merely using him for his money.

One video showed Schwandt’s fashion transformation from his older photos to red-carpet pictures with Star, paired with the caption, “When you’re straight, but your homeboy can buy you drugs.”

“I’m quitting today!” Star laughed, moving out of frame of the camera. “Bye guys, you finish this! …Y’all are really f**king sick. Sickening!”

Jeffree Star, Instagram
Since Star opened up about the drama, fans have been highly critical of Schwandt, with some even accusing him of using Star for his money.

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Another TikTok similarly paired old photos of Schwandt to Lil Kayla’s ‘Make His Pockets Hurt,’ with the caption, “When you pretend to be gay for the money, cars, and gifts.”


“You guys are really, really sick!” Star jokingly screamed after watching the video.

(Timestamp: 7:37 for mobile readers)

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This isn’t the first time Star has reacted to critical TikToks either; the YouTuber uploaded a similar video weeks earlier, where he called out a fan who claimed to have broken into his home.

Although it’s unclear whether Star was down for the brutal criticism of his ex in his latest reaction video, or was actually speaking out against the TikToks, he has yet to open up further regarding the “dark” issues surrounding their breakup, which continues to garner speculation across the net after a fan account even created a fake Instagram profile for Schwandt.


Whatever the case may be, its clear that fans aren’t happy with the drama — and Star isn’t spilling the tea, just yet.