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Jeffree Star hits back at fake TikTok pretending to break into his house

Published: 5/Apr/2020 21:07

by Meg Bethany Koepp


YouTuber and makeup entrepreneur Jeffree Star debunked a fake TikTok that went viral from someone who claimed he’d broken into his $14.6 million mansion in Hidden Hills, California, calling it “scary” and “sketchy.”

The YouTube star moved into the property in December 2019, relocating from Calabasas, California to Hidden Hills. The mansion is a whopping 25,000 square feet and comes with 2.82 acres of land, making it one of the most extravagant residences in the state.

On April 5, Star uploaded a video titled “Reacting To Tik Toks About Me (They Broke In!)” where he watched and reacted to many clips about him from the popular social media website. One, however, claimed that they’d actually trespassed onto his property, and the 34-year-old was quick to set the record straight.


Jeffree Star debunks fake trespassing TikTok

After being positively stunned by a clip of two girls who claimed to have lived in his mansion prior to him, Star explained that people had been contacting him about a certain video where someone had supposedly trespassed onto his property.

“There are some creepy [TikToks] about my home! Shall we dive in deeper?” he asked. “People have reached out to my assistant, to my friends, about this video. It’s a little sketch.”

The YouTuber then proceeded to watch the clip captioned “When you sneak into Jeffree Star’s house” in which two people recorded themselves walking around the outside of the Hidden Hills mansion.


(Timestamp 4:39 for mobile viewers.)

“Okay, so their account has literally only that video… Now listen, that is my home, but there’s no rose garden anymore and all the patio furniture is gone,” he explained. “So, that’s very convincing, also a little sketchy and a little scary because you’re kind of perpetuating that you broke into my house while I wasn’t here. Which is not possible!”

Star then laughed and said that he sees why the TikTok could be believable, though. “And I’m like… If you don’t really know that the rose garden is gone, right? You’ll believe the video. So no-one broke into my home, everyone sending it to me, thank you, I really appreciate it, we have everything under control.”


He ended on a short, simple message for the person who made the clip. “But, whoever you are… Cute!” he said.

YouTube: Jeffree Star
Jeffree moved into the mansion in December 2019.

The YouTuber has spoken about his home security in the past, and revealed that both his assistant and an armed guard live with him 24/7. In Shane Dawson’s documentary uploaded in October, he asked Jeffree whether he’s afraid of somebody breaking into his property and hurting him.

“Just for the record, my bodyguards are always armed, including right now. So on the 1% chance, they shoot to kill,” he responded.